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do anyone here like music?

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  • do anyone here like music?

    I express myself through lyrics, i write my own lyrics.
    Does anybody here write their own lyrics?
    Does anybody here like writting lyrics?
    Do you like to sing or rap maybe even play an instrument?
    Music is life and with out it who knows how this world would be like with out it or any kind of art.
    IN YOUR OWN opinion:
    What is music to you?
    What kind of message do you thing music should have now a days?
    Who is your favorite/least favorite artist?

    any comments?
    any answers?
    questions, maybe?

  • I like the classic rock era...that was real music. The "music" now is not music, there is no talent with computer programs altering everything about the "artists" voice. I do not mind the starving artist bands if they are rock associated and IF THEY ARE NOT HIPSTERS lol.
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    • I hate music. Nah, I'm joking. Wouldn't that be sad?

      This is longer than I planned...

      I love love music. It pumps through my veins like blood. When I grew up, my mother had music playing all the time in our home. My grandfather owned a record store. My uncle collected records. I played the violin from 3rd grade-10th. My grandmother bought if for me because her father played. I was in a rap groups that I wrote the rhymes for when I was a boy - all a cappella, maybe with someone beat boxing or table drumming (this was an art form for kids in the 80's ).

      Here's something sort of odd, when I talk or even when I write on these boards I like to use a lot of alliteration, analogy, rhyme, and even prefer a certain rhythm to my words. Not in a noticeable way, but just so much so as to add a flavor to what I say. I'm always associating things I hear and see with the music I love. I still have my violin and play it once in a blue moon. The last time I pulled it out I played all night and my wife accompanied with her singing. It was divine. And, yes, I do still write. Mostly in my head when I'm riding my bike.

      On so many levels life and music are intertwined, as you say. Just a couple of days ago, my wife and I were out at night near the woods listening to the soothing the song of the crickets. It complements warm nights. It's like God's lullaby. The sounds in the daytime (birds other animals) are typically louder and sharper. The thought draws me closer to God.

      I love my friends' speech patterns. Each individual has certain ways that they group and accentuate words. I'm attracted more to people who have unusual patterns. Just hearing them talk is music, especially if they have something semi-interesting to say.

      All sorts of music is good to me. It doesn't have to have a message. In fact, sometimes I prefer it doesn't. Certain artists think they are above the music - as if what they're saying is more important than the melody or the rhythm. I like music where the voice is used as an instrument, even if it's the lead. I'm not opposed to a message. I just don't want the art to be sacrificed to convey it.

      I do wish music was more wholesome. My wife is very sensitive to negative themes in songs. It means that for her sake I can't play what I want to as often as I'd like. In contrast to my own childhood with music as a constant companion, she grew up in a home where secular music was frowned upon and if any music was played it was gospel. She's much more conservative in her tastes. I try to be careful too. I do believe that bad music can poison the mind. So, instead of my home being filled with music 24/7, I often play my music in my head.
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      • Originally posted by ItsASecret View Post
        I like the classic rock era...that was real music. The "music" now is not music, there is no talent with computer programs altering everything about the "artists" voice. I do not mind the starving artist bands if they are rock associated and IF THEY ARE NOT HIPSTERS lol.
        IAS, I used to think the same. Only listened to classic rock, the 60s being my favorite era. But I recently discovered indie rock and alternative rock which is a lot like classic rock. The bands are not created in a studio. They write their own music, are not super famous (and therefore don't have super egos) and truly are talented. You should check some of them out.
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        • I've been to shows 33 times this year so far and have probably seen more than 80 bands with some bands several times. It's a lot of fun catching up on mostly punk rock music. Unfortunately, years ago, I was working a lot of the time and didn't have the money for tickets. I take along a camera and post some of the pictures of facebook. A lot of punk rock music has an in your face message. It would be hard to say who is a favorite artist, since I am friends with a few. I have never even thought about having a least favorite artist.
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          • I love many types of music, from Renaissance polyphony to big band and American musical theater to '80s and New Wave.Modern stuff is lighter and better for driving; when listening seriously I like classical and heavier stuff. I'm I big Gershwin fan, but his music always seems more springlike and summery to me, so I don't listen to him much this time of year. In the fall I indulge my inner goth girl with Siouxie, Bauhaus, Danse Macabre, Peer Gynt, and such. I tend to like minors better than majors, but in the spring I love the Arrival of the Queen of Sheba and Lakme (almost too syrupy sweet but I still like it.)

            I'm also something of a musician. I play piano, organ, and flute. Organ is currently my favorite and the one I work on most. I find it the most challenging and rewarding. For one thing it requires the most coordination since I am busy playing the pedals at the same time I'm playing the two or three manuals (keyboards). (I like to play barefoot because I feel more connection to the organ and the music that way--it sounds hokey, but would you play piano with gloves on?) Also, there's something gratifying about me playing such a powerful instrument--I'm a fairly small woman, but at the organ I can fill an entire church or auditorium with so much music all by myself. (And it's fun to play the opening riff from Van Halen's "Jump" or something else modern and rock in a big church on a pipe organ!) On the other hand, on my organ at home, I can play it very softly so as not to bother the neighbors--it would be hard to play a piano that softly. I can even play it through headphones so as not to disturb my boyfriend.

            I have never tried my hand at lyrics, but I have done a little composing and ad libbing. Not sure if I'm any good with it, though.


            • As a VPM in college I guess you could say that I enjoy music a bit. Either that or the several hundred concerts I have attended (that does not include local acts or those at the fair, fund raiser, etc.). Which says nothing about my modest collection of CDs that before radio stations went digital, would rival any collection that any of them had to do their jobs.

              Yeah, I enjoy music...just a little.

              Shos - I know many people that play the organ or piano in bare feet. Not hokey at all!!


              • Thanks seeker--the classically trained organists I know all have special shoes--I have tried them and don't like them, but i don't do a lot of classical organ literature, so I guess that makes a difference. I often play piano in my bare feet as well, but with organ it's not just the emotional connection to the instrument and the music and feeling grounded as I play (although it is all of those things)--it is also a practical thing since I do so much more with my feet on organ than on piano and like to be able to feel things better. I have to play the bass line, control the volume, and change registrations just with my toes (and occasionally heels), and being barefoot makes it all easier. At least the choirs I play with are used to sewing me flounce in, sit down at the organ, kick my shoes off, and start dancing away by now. :-)


                • Yes I love all sorts of music. I have found that after a stressful day I love to listen to some classical music or a light j****** to get me up beat.


                  • Music is my life.

                    I sing, play the guitar and the piano, and write my own songs. I haven't given up my childhood dream about becoming an artist


                    • i love music too!! classical and pop rock are my favorites but sometime i would go for rock depending on my mood


                      • me too! but i go for pop and hip hop music


                        • aaaahhh......I just love music and I am a music freak. Basically I love old melodies but some time pop and remix also (depends on mood)


                          • Does anyone not like music?, i don't mind listening to any kind of music, rock, pop, mor, punk etc as long as its easy on the ears, my true love though is soul music from the 60ts & 70ts.

                            Btw are we banned from posting links from you-tube?.


                            • Yah, no links allowed. I love old time Rock-n-roll, the Blues, - heck everything but rap. It makes me feel good, and when I'm in a bad mood it can pick me up.
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