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  • Snakes....

    I have a beautiful little....1metre long...Stimsons python. His name is Barrie and he's 4 yrs old, I've had him 3 years. He's very placid and doesn't mind being handled. I love watching him and handling him, he feels so smooth and yet has a great strength (for his size) he's fully grown now. I love him to bits.

  • Tried to upload a picture of my dog but it wouldn't let me :-(
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    • Snakes are Cool Pets . I believe I have some posted of My Snakes in the Pet Threads ..


      • I want a pet I can pet and cuddle with. My ragdoll cat is, in my opinion, a perfect pet. She plays and snuggles with me but when i don't want to play she disappears in her secret spots.

        A snake would be the last pet I would consider, maybe it's because I'm from Hawaii and there are no snakes there. If a person is caught with a pet snake in Honolulu, he/she can be fined $250,000 and get up to 4 years in prison. The government there is so afraid that snakes will sneak in like they did in Guam. I'm told there are no birds left in Guam because the brown tree snakes ate the eggs before they could hatch.
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        • I didn't think that snakes would make great pets until I got to play with one the other day. It seems like they're just as snuggly as any of my dogs, but without as much muss and fuss and hair and stepping on my feet. A much better choice for a childhood pet than, say, a rodent. Which is not to hate on rodent pets ... I loved my gerbils desperately as a kid. But I like the idea of having a snake for my kid's responsibility better than a gerbil.
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          • I have a license for my snake...there are very strict rules for owning snakes in Australia and only certain species can be kept,and it depends on what grade of license you have as to which type of snake or lizard you can keep. Some snakes grow very, very large, but my Barrie, is a Stimsons python, the second smallest python species in the world and he's fully grown at a metre. At my age I didn't want anything larger. He's certainly cuddly and gives a great massage. :-) He's very placid and only eats about 6 months of the year (thawed out frozen mice) about once a fortnight. He has proper heating and is kept locked in his enclosure unless I decide to take him out. He never roams free inside or outside, I'm always holding him. They are magnificent to watch when they move or shed....very elegant and graceful. I find them totally fascinating and beautiful.


            • I am really afraid of snakes. These animals not for me


              • I am also terrified of snakes....


                • Snakes are beautiful creatures I miss mine!


                  • Some snakes are very beautiful, I'm just afraid of the venomus ones.


                    • Yeah I wouldn't mess with those anything that can kill you is a bad idea to mess with lol


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