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  • Vroom Vroom

    A passion of mine- cars! I grew up around Fords, old ones, and going to the drag strip. I love old cars. I know not many women are into the same, but not me. I'll take a day looking for treasures at the junk yard/ working on my car over a day shopping. Guess I'm not normal...haha.

  • Hey, I'm a fellow petrolhead (as we say in the UK) to the core!

    I've had various performance cars (my E34 BMW M5 was very nice ) but my 'car heart' was given to The Silver Pig - a 1965 Porsche 911 that has the mechanicals from a 1984 carrera 3.2 and has the wide arches and ducktail spolier from a 2.7 RS.

    I have taken her to the track a few times, but once a lady gets to a certain age, she deserves a bit more of an easy life I think

    I've owned her for 10 years and I don't ever plan on selling her. Maybe i'll have a son (or daughter) one day who I can give her to as a family heirloom.

    I would love to put up a picture, but I don't think this website supports them?

    So, what car have you got? I take it you do a lot of the work/maintainance on it yourself? If so, kudos to you. I know how cars work as I'm very mechanically-minded; I just don't have the patience or the tools, haha.



    • Sweet! I am more of an American (old stuff) car chick myself, but I DROOL over BMWs!! I hope to have one, someday. I agree, once a car reaches a certain point, it needs to slow down, or have a revival. Mine is sitting in a garage waiting for me.I have a 1989 drop top Mustang GT Ive had for 11 years this July. Its mostly stock, but I'm aiming to change that by dropping in a bigger engine and hotter rear. Gonna be a father-daughter project. After that, which will be sometime from now, I hope to take it to the drag strip and see what it'll run. Im not sure how this forum works just yet, as I a newb! But I would like to see a pic


      • Cool. I'm into Cheys. I don't have any projects going right now, but my last one was with my dad on his 74 Malibu. Mostly cosmetic.


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