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Are you more of a cat person or dog person?

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  • DEFINITELY a cat person. Always have been and always will be.


    • cats sleep well and are not dangerous to people and dont smell dogs opposite day i love cats hate dogs


      • I have a red Siberian Husky. 7 years old. I inherited him from my uncle who couldn't take care of him. He was a little underweight when I got him but I fattened him up pretty good. Never had this breed before but he turned out to be a great dog. I'd get another one someday.


        • I have a silver and white Siberian Husky She has smaller legs, was owned by a couple in the country, seems he didn't want her as she wouldn't breed well and may have abused her. She was 14 months when we got her, probably around 9 and a half now, only would go to women... Off course that changed by the time she reached about 4, she is adorable, one blue eye, one brown and gentle as.

          True to life though Huskys are known to hunt for food and are highly intelligent they don't forget their roots. What ever pests, I mean pets You have within your home, they accept but be careful of "outside" the home, as they will follow their roots.

          Interestingly as well Huskys are not prone to diabeties yet, little Kia became one 2 years ago and she wasn't over weight...

          Such intelligent creatures and gentle...

          But, but, Bigsy, is my number one fan. Ginger boy. Cat... I swear he should have been born a dog or was in his past life. If I get massaged by my fiancé and he hurts me and I go "ow", Bigsy said "ow" loudly and comes from the kitchen, jumps on the lounge and looks at me, to see if I am alright... Another example is, being submissive if the dogs can charging inside, he will quickly lay down as if to say, ok.. don't run, just lay... they will leave you alone, and they do.. Smart cat

          So I have to say cats. Because of Mr Bigsy.


          • I'm more of a cat person. We always had a few cats while I was growing up. They kept the mouse population down on the farm. I got a kitten from a friend that grew into a cat for one semester at college. I took him home to my parents when he became too big to keep in my room. He learned to live outside, but my parents would bring him inside when the weather was terrible such as during a major snowstorm. Because he was box trained he didn't have a problem. My parents just filled a box with dirt and drop him on it and he knew that was where to go. He would rub up against my mother's legs and purr as she worked in the garden. He ended up siring a bunch of kittens, but he met his demise by not being smart around roads. His markings were evident in a lot of the kittens for generations.

            I don't have any pets because I go to Southeast Asia two times a year and if my wife goes too, we would have to have someone take care of them. I took care of cats for a neighbor who traveled when I was a kid. The pets miss their masters when they are gone.
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            From a speech by Patrick Henry on March 23, 1775 at St. John's Church, Richmond, Virginia


            • I love all animals, always having dogs growing up, but my favourite was my Border Collie Jess

              But working full time and being busy as an adult I have 2 cats now. A rescued black & white cat called Buddy - massive cat, everyone who sees him comments on his size.

              But my baby is my Chocolate Burmese called Muffin. He is the most affectionate adorable cat ever. Burmese cats develop a really close bond with their owners and are really just big sooks. My partner calls him the 'passion killer' cause every night he sneaks into bed with us, sleeps between us on the pillow and under the blankets. So all you see is 3 heads together, he is just like a human lol. They say if you can't have a dog then get a Burmese


              • I love dogs. I have two dogs, Kimcer and Ronse. I love to play with them, despite of my busy schedule. I always talk to them. I treat them as my own sons.


                • I love cats but dogs are my favorite of the two. Borzoi are my favorite breed of dog but I also love greyhounds and rough coated collies.


                  • Dog person all the way. I just love how affectionate most are. Mind you, I've met dogs that are just as anti-social as cats are famous for being. But in general, most dogs and cats act warmly towards owners who treat them right.
                    "If better is possible, good is not enough."


                    • I love all animals in general but something about cats really make them appealing to me. It must be their eyes and their no-problem-in-world way of seeing things that make them very refreshing to be with


                      • I would say I am a dog person - although I am somewhat biased. My dog (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) is so loving and affectionate. I adopted him two years ago when he was 9 weeks old and he is my first dog. The best companion and friend I could ever ask for!


                        • I love cats, I have a Ragdoll cat named Miki. She is 3 years old, likes everyone but usually stays in her secret place. If I call her she will come out, romp and play then go back to her hideout. Even my husband likes her, he is a dog person. He says she is a "pet on call".
                          Not thinking about anything is Zen. Once you know this, walking, sitting, or lying down, everything you do is Zen.
                          ― Bodhidharma


                          • I love all the animals, but I am a dog person. Hehe. I have a labrador and a dachsund. They are my stress relievers.
                            "I make sure I do my best, because it is always worth it, no matter what you want to achieve in life."
                            ANDREIA BRAZIER


                            • Have you ever seen a husky/golden retriever mix? Now that will melt your heart!


                              • I like both.


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