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Are you more of a cat person or dog person?

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  • I'm a dog person BUT I get attached to cute cats too. I'm always a bit afraid that cats are smarter than me. Dogs? Nah! But they are so adorable.
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    • In between. I like wild cat hybrids that are often described as having a personality more like a dog but I don't think I want a cat again. I hate dogs that are overly eager to please and friendly like most of the dog breeds people want. I don't want loving and affectionate. I want a useful partner that respects my space. I have spitz breed dogs that are described as being cat like because of their independence, which often means they couldn't care less about what you want or even what treats you are holding, they like their space and only crowd for a few minutes when excited, and they lick themselves clean to the point you can go on a muddy hike and then leave them on their blanket to clean themselves better than you could give them a bath. Just gotta watch those manure piles. It takes them a day or 2 to stop smelling like horse manure without a bath. Housebreaking is also generally easy with spitz breeds. Some of the less common breeds, imported lines, or working bred instead of companion bred won't even soil their own yard. Our shiba would back up to the fence to poop through it. None of them will use open grass if given a choice and they'll hold it until they are leaking if on concrete or man made surfaces. Teaching a command to pee is sometimes required. Akitas have been used as service dogs but people have found their tendency to make their own choices instead of waiting for a command can make them too unpredictable for most police and service work. They are still more interactive than a cat if you put in the work and get really creative about motivating them. Cats do not pull my scooter, do agility, go hiking... My dogs are in the house with me but they are not house pets. I have chinchillas and dwarf rabbits for that.


      • Originally posted by lollygag View Post
        Have you ever seen a husky/golden retriever mix? Now that will melt your heart!
        I would agree my dad had one of these dogs when he was a kid. It was a female name Wendy was so cute for sure. So Lollygag is this avatar pic of your puppy husky dog now that is a cute little doggy. I have a female 9 year old black cat name Jetta, who has a mind of her own. She just a joy to have around the house.
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        • Some dogs are okay, but I'm for cats.

          Dogs, for me, are too high maintenance. Few, if any, can be left on their own for much time. If you go out for a couple hours or more, you have to take them along. Leaving them in the house or outside can cause problems. If go you on a trip, you have to take them and find hotels that will accept them. You have to make pit stops for them. You have to contend with nose prints on all the car windows. Or you have to find someone to dog-sit or you have to board them. I find none of those attractive. I have acted as dog sitter for friends, and they want me to stay in their home, a place with which the dog is familiar. I don't mind doing that but I do not like the idea of turning my home over to anyone in like fashion.

          When I have lived in the country, and gone off for a couple of weeks, I have left enough food and water in an outbuilding equipped with a cat door and, two weeks later, the cats are fine. I don't think that would work with a dog. For one thing, from what I have observed of dogs, if you open 20 cans of dog food and leave it out, the dog will try to consume it all in one go. Cats have more self-discipline.

          Also, cats will seldom embarrass you. In that regard, the possibilities for dogs are endless. I can relate just a few examples.

          I have many times had people visit my home, bringing their dogs. In no time the dogs will be chasing the cats and the chickens (when I have lived where that is common). I actually had one woman watching her dog chasing our chickens into the bush, only to comment: "[Name of dog] is chasing your chickens, is that all right?" IS THAT ALL RIGHT?! WTF? Seriously. Am I supposed to reply: "That's great, them chickens need a good chasing." When done with chasing the chickens, the dogs will locate the cat food and devour it in a nanosecond. Like they've never been fed. If the owner leaves the dog(s) outside, they get into everything. If you permit the dog inside, same. Only a few weeks ago I heard of someone bringing a dog to the home of a neighbor. The neighbors had recently acquired a kitten. Before anyone could intervene, the dog ran at and seized the kitten, shook it and chewed on it, killing it in front of their 7-year-old daughter. As miscreant dog owner, what kind of satisfactory response do you have in your repertoire? Oh, sorry.

          Dogs may not like soiling their own backyards, but they have no compunction about taking a dump on the lands of those they visit. Male dogs have an overwhelming urge to pee on everything. My aunt's Yorkshire terrier peed on the cuff of the church minister's pants as he sat on the sofa in her living room.

          Then there are the dogs that like to roll in the most putrid and vile substances they can find. A decomposing seal on the beach will do nicely. Then it's time to consume some of one's own doo-doo. An endearing trait. Doggie cuteness at its zenith. I had a roommate whose Malamute was a master recycler. Another woman I know, if you take her 2 golden retrievers (siblings) for a walk, the female will all all that her brother expels. Charming.

          Next comes what happens when people come to gatherings and bring their dogs. Almost inevitably a couple of dogs will decide they don't like each other. The snarling and roughhousing will start. More than once I have seen owners bitten by their own pooches when they try to part the combatants.

          As for combative dogs, a long time ago a friend had a German Shepherd female. If I were to have a dog, that breed would likely be it. She was pretty smart and generally well-behaved. But not so much with other dogs around. I did not witness this, but my friend related to me (and I have no reason to suspect the story as fiction) an incident when he was driving in Seattle. It was a warm day. The car windows were down. The dog was in the back seat. He stopped at a traffic light. The car to the right was stopped. It had a dog passenger in the rear, with windows down. The light turns green and the car to the right is first off the mark; it pulls ahead of my friend. To his astonishment and chagrin, he sees his dog hanging off the side of the other car. She had jumped at the other dog, out the open window, and clamped her jaws firmly over the muzzle of the other dog and hung on. Embarrassing dog moments.

          Another friend of mine has a Vizsla. Not given to too many canine foibles. The worst one (but many dog owners don't seem to see it, or pretend they don't) is copious drooling. When I visit there, and we sit in the living room, I have learned to sit on the end of the sofa and put one of the throw cushions on my lap. I do it trying to look like it's comfortable for me, but it's a protective measure. I know it won't be long before I hear the dog in the kitchen, slurping water from his bowl. Almost invariably, once done, said dog will return to the living room and make for one of us. This dog likes attention. So on he comes, with long ribbons of drool flowing from his muzzle, intended to be absorbed by your clothing, to dry leaving nice shiny white streaks. So I just subtly maneuvre that cushion around to catch the lot. To date, that thing has sucked up gallons.

          Some of the above dog horror shows may be avoided by dog training. I see that as requiring greater effort than walking to the end of the block every once in awhile and commanding the dog to "heel". To really do the job takes months of dedicated effort and no small measure of savoir faire. I know for sure I would not be up to the task. I lack the skill, the time and the willingness to make the prodigious effort required.

          So I guess I'll stick with cats.
          I do not grow old; if I stop growing, I am old.


          • ^ Funny.

            Something that alarms me a bit on a slightly related note is the amount of hated some people have for cats. I don't recall ever hearing anyone say they really "hate" dogs, but I've heard quite a few people say they hate cats, and for no good reason. Not superstition or anything like that, just unaccountable contempt, and you can tell it's real because their pupils dilate when they say it and that sort of thing. Hatred for random animals is weird and borderline creepy.
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            • You are right in that, jen. I have often heard the "I hate cats" line, usually from people who will admit to never having really been around cats. No one that I can recall ever related a personal experience that led to the hatred. And me too, I don't recall ever hearing someone say "I hate dogs". As you say, hating random animals is kinda' creepy. Even if one has had a bad experience with one particular animal, why hate all. A dog might bite me, but I'm not going to hate all dogs in response.

              I prefer cats, but I have met many dogs that I have admired, petted, played with, etc. Back in my hunting days I had occasion to hunt in the company of a few fine "gun dogs". They can be quite special. But owning a dog does not suit my family's life. We might take one in if circumstances required. I "hate" to see any animal suffer, from neglect or otherwise.
              I do not grow old; if I stop growing, I am old.


              • I hate cats. I am highly allergic -- even to those cats people say no one is allergic to. They shead like crazy and the cat people I know always make me sneeze because they have cat dander on their clothes. One of my best friends in college had a cat and I needed to take a benedryl or two just to visit his house. Worse yet, I was really crazy about this woman when I was in law school. Took her out and we went back to her place to kiss and stuff. I was there for about a minute until I had the worst allergy attack. No second date, no kiss, no stuff. I hate cats. So there, pig man.
                "The only consistent feature of all of your dissatisfying relationships is you." Despair.com "Dysfunction"


                • Oh yeah effy? Well I HATE cat haters! You did not deserve a kiss, or a second date, and certainly no stuff. That woman's cat did her a BIG favor, keeping you at bay!

                  So there you too! I double-dog dare you to prove I am wrong. Or maybe I should double-CAT dare you! That'll settle your hash!
                  I do not grow old; if I stop growing, I am old.


                  • I guess I'm more of a dog person we have a black Labrador his name is Rex. My hubby loves dogs and he converted me into liking dogs I thought I wouldn't like them but Rex is just so cute, he likes me as well maybe a little too much as he sometimes put his paws on my boobs . Hubby joked that I've converted Rex into having a crush on me. LOL.

                    dogs are more defensive and loyal to their owners while cats seem more lazy and follow the food. I've never owned a cat so I maybe talking nonsense.
                    It's all fun and games until you mess with a Portuguese girl.



                    • Originally posted by Baboy View Post
                      Oh yeah effy? Well I HATE cat haters! You did not deserve a kiss, or a second date, and certainly no stuff. That woman's cat did her a BIG favor, keeping you at bay!
                      You are no doubt correct, my friend. That is why she loves cats and I hate them. I'm not too keen on dogs either. I guess I'm just not an animal lover.
                      "The only consistent feature of all of your dissatisfying relationships is you." Despair.com "Dysfunction"


                      • Dear Effy, you have created a sin... For this I must think of some form of punishment.

                        Perhaps no kisses for you in a few days for your birthday, no that's too lame.

                        I shall return to you, when I can muster the right punishment.

                        Cat hater.
                        PUT A LITTLE 'LIKE' IN MY SOUL!


                        • Cat lover ...........

                          Now also dog lover .............

                          Can't even recall how many cats I've had but talk about personalities. Our last cat, "Bigsy" was more of a dog, would play fight with you, listen to you, come home at the same time every night to be safe because you (me) demanded it, was smart knew how to get in the house and tame the dogs, was cheeky sometimes would let the dogs chase him deliberately. Alas, some ****** sped up deliberately and he died in my arms.

                          Husky - diabetic, 12 year old - love her. She's cheeky and smart.
                          ********zu / Maltese 1 year old, obtained 3 days after losing Bigsy - Cute little ********z.........literally but he now boxes too. Strangely expects his meals in his bowl but on a rug? What's with that?

                          Missy - Pomeranian - 17 years old also died in my arms two years ago, NYE when I got home.

                          Rabbits, see someone mentioned rabbits. The first Rabbit I got "Gemma" saw my cat use the kitty litter and so, she did too, from there on, she watched TV with me and slept on my bed, with the cats. The second "Jet" ran free in the back yard and slept at night in his 2 storey home, until he got a fur ball and let me know day before Christmas, which was too late, died having the ex-ray.. 2 years ago.


                          Un-conditional all of them huh. None live forever and so, we love another. Dang hard though to have lost 3 in the space of 1 year.

                          RIP babies.

                          And Samboy/Hailey/Kadi/Cefa/Fluffy/Seran/Hemi/the white one.......................

                          Ah that felt better
                          PUT A LITTLE 'LIKE' IN MY SOUL!


                          • I love both but haven't had cats for a number of years now so probably more of a dog person in that respect. Would love to have a cat again but don't see it happening


                            • Grew up with my family absolutely adoring great danes, currently have a puppster (half labrador retriever, half something unknown) who recently turned one, and is starting to go through doggy version of adolescence.

                              Hiding my shoes, hiding everything else.

                              Find dogs to be easier, cats treat owners like staff. ;D


                              • Oh, how have I missed the updates on this? Baboy, I love your stories. Now, I'm a dog person first, but I like cats too - just never had any luck with accepting them into my home as family. I've given up, although I do miss having a cat.

                                And as for embarrassing stories, I have a cat tale to share: Years ago, I was seeing an engineer who was obviously very bright, handsome & all sorts of nice things, except he kept a house full of cats & didn't hire a housekeeper, even tho he hated cleaning. Anyway, I arrived at his place one evening & it was in it's usual disarray. He stepped into the kitchen to grab his jacket, which he'd carelessly tossed over a chair. One of his cats had just hacked up a fresh, warm, wet fur ball onto the jacket, which went tumbling down & onto the floor in front of me as he prepared to put it on...I laughed, of course, and his bald head turned many vibrant shades of red...
                                I'm an animal lover, and he knew it, but he was shaken & humiliated. I even came to his aid by picking up the mess on the floor-that's how I know it was fresh - warm! LOL
                                He told me the likely perpetrator had done similar mischief before, with furballs on the counter tops when the guys arrived for sports events & similarly disgusting stories.


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