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Are you more of a cat person or dog person?

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  • Are you more of a cat person or dog person?

    Are you a Cat person or Dog person? What breed of cat or dog is your favorite?

    I think this this is neutral for me. I love both cats and dogs equally.

    My favorite cat breed is: Persian
    My breed of choice for a dog is definately a Pitt bull. The adorable "Shih tzu " comes in second

  • I love cats but I would have say dogs namely Bassett hounds and bloodhounds


    • Bassett hounds are adorable....


      • Pit bulls are too but I love all dogs and animals
        It's very sad that pit bulls are put down where I live if they are taken to the pound.


        • I love both cats and dogs but as a pet I guess I prefer dogs.(probably cause of the litter!!!)
          Where I used to live, it was warm all the time and I had about a dozen cats I was feeding with
          leftovers in the yard. But in the house, just my dog.

          When it comes to race I love them all. Even mixed breeds. I let my heart choose my dog,
          when I went to the pound. One look at her face and it was a done deal!


          • Dogs for me. Every Pitbull Ive encountered has licked my face and plopped on my lap as if it were a lap dog. Cats I dont mind, except when they wiz in the gut of my car or scratch the hood.


            • I've always been a dog person, but I like cats as well. My favorite breed is German Shepherd. We have a Black Lab named Rainier. We lost our German Shepherd/Greyhound mix, Windy a few months ago to cancer. I pretty much like all dogs.... except my mother in law's dog.


              • I am sorry about your baby . I loss my chow chow/black lab baby several years ago.


                • Originally posted by Bladyn'smommy16 View Post
                  I am sorry about your baby . I loss my chow chow/black lab baby several years ago.
                  Thank you, we had her 6 years. We rescued her from a German Shepherd rescue when she was 9 months old. We had her 6 years before finding out she had a very aggressive form of cancer and only had weeks to live. It's hard to lose a fur baby.


                  • Yes is very hard! Thank you too


                    • ****its is what I meant


                      • I love dogs, more than cats. My prefer dog is a brown labrador retriever. It's a very smart dog!


                        • I'm more of a dog person. My parents had cats when we were younger...but I needed something more cuddley and affectionate ( my husband doesn't understand that department too much) and having a dog around fitted the bill.
                          Since I live in sub-division, a smaller dog was preffered and so I got myself a sheltie. My first little girl, Sassy, passed away in '07 and six months later I was blessed with another little girl, Mya. She just turned 6 in January.....

                          Here's Mya on one of our last years camping trips


                          • I am a cat person, although I have no cats indoors. I daily feed, water, and watch over the feral cats in the neighborhood. They are so wild that they won't let me touch them, but they do tolerate me up to a two-foot distance. I have four food dishes across the back of the patio door off my dining room, with three waterbowls; one food bowl in my carport; and one food bowl up in the apple tree. One food bowl in the plum tree didn't work out and needs to be replaced.

                            By the time I was 16, I had been bitten by so many dogs that I lost count, and in this neighborhood, a dog killed and ate a kitten that had been born just minutes before in my "cat house" I had built in my back yard. That also influenced my feelings toward dogs, but I had two very pleasant run-ins with three pitbulls who came down my driveway. .
                            It's always disappointing when someone lies to me, then I look down, and their pants aren't on fire.


                            • I like both! I had cats growing up but have always wanted a dog, I love corgis and sheltie's. I'll probably end up with cats once I've got my own place (that's not at university), I just love them. I guess I'm just an animal person, I'd be happy with a hamster as long as I had a pet, haha.


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