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  • Writing ...

    Saw another thread on writing but wow was it old, so figured I would start a new one. Many of you probably gathered I write. Or at least have been making a good attempt. Have a lot of things to work out yet, yada yada!

    Just thought I would share kind of a funny story:

    Many years from childhood, yikes and I'm 42, ok lots of years ago haha. I always did some writing. Write something and throw it in a drawer. Even through party stages, marriage, etc. I always wrote something. Well recently a few good friends I have known a long time read some of them and convinced me to follow through with publishing. Now the funny part. Do any of you know what a yooper is? Those of you that do are probably laughing already OK so I am from Upper Michigan. Around here it seems we have come up with our own vocabulary. I went with booktango as a self publishing company. Now no way of really checking my gammar, or I would not even notice that things were a mess. A couple self help titles publish and of course I'm excited. I begin to explore, search new things. Run across a program called grammarly. So naturally I run through it the couple books already published...oh my goodness lol Out of the 18-25 pages of Upper Michigan slang is 132 grammar mistakes, it's like learning how to talk all over again. eh ya no , there toys , aint got no, why ya where that piece of cloths , is that there the only ting, hahahaha Have a good day
    If you're not learning you're not living!

  • This doesnt seem to be a forum of 'writers,' and i'm no writer either. But i didnt know where this might go in and not wanted to start a new thread. So here.

    Regrets, Random thoughts this morning, before All Saints’ Day (something unfinished)
    I wish no one forgets when he or she was small and cradled in his mother’s or father’s arms, even a grandparent’s or a sib’s when neither of his parents was in…

    That no one regrets he was able to go to school, for how much of the world population is uneducated, or barely so…That no one complains about the roof over his head, to protect from the rains and storms, the snow, and the heat of the sun… that no one forgets to say thanks for every meal he receives, or worries where to get the next food on the plate, water in the glass, or clothing to wear, for it is that—a gift…

    That no one wastes every sheet of paper or sharpened pencil, every resource we can use, for after the war, my father said how they treasured every piece of paper, that even the backs have to be used for paper was scarce… that we use our minutes wisely, and redeem the time, for it doesn’t come back… and the days are evil… that we save every breath to use to be strong and to heal, for we do not always have health on our side…

    That no one regrets he didn’t fear and reverenced God, the Maker of all heaven and earth… that he listened as his father, uncle or brother sat him in his lap and told stories or good advice to understand sayings as Solomon did… that she heard when her mother admonished her to guard her heart, pay attention to what she told her to improve her character like a necklace…

    That no one regrets he gave in, or set a trap for himself when others enticed him with a new and exciting experience, a filthy show, a robbery, from where he couldn’t get out… that no one regrets she never learned to be humble, to give way to what others thought when their ideas were definitely better, to resist wrong when this was irresistible…

    That no one is shamed when he learns not to defile the marriage bed… never letting go of loyalty and faithfulness… that he paid attention when he was corrected, taking this as a warning that he does not proceed with a red light ahead… that she is not perfect at all, but she can laugh at the days to come…

    That it was truly possible for brothers to live together in unity, and not regret that they strove for peace when everyone else was searching and running for his own affairs, and interests… that we truly learned how to love our neighbor as ourself… for teens are just as self-centered as preschoolers, we’re told, but so are many “adults” who die as self-centered as when they first learned to look at themselves in the mirror and thought, thank God I don’t look and think and dress as that neighbor or classmate or officemate, who wasn’t even thinking of his own clothes-- but of another without clothes in the next street or a land far away…

    That no one was so puffed up that he only sounded like a noisy gong or clanging cymbal, when he could have gone or given the extra mile, even if he spoke, wrote, or sang better than an angel… that we used our common sense and good manners when we dealt with people at home as much as when we dealt with others we want to look up to us… that we valued and cherished the child, let them come and not stop them as the Pharisees, because we insist we are right, whether we’re 22 or 92…

    I wish no one regrets that he was jealous, envious or proud, but instead patient and kind … for love endures forever…and I wish that we truly strive to understand that His ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts…

    Ecclesiastes 12. 1 Remember then thy Creator in the days of thy youth, before the evil days come, and the years draw nigh…7 And the dust returneth to the earth as it was, and the spirit returneth unto God who gave it… 13 The end of the matter, all having been heard: fear God, and keep His commandments; for this is the whole man. 14 For God shall bring every work into the judgment concerning every hidden thing, whether it be good or whether it be evil.


    • They werent so random thoughts after all. There were times i had to talk to/with myself, as others sometimes do, i know. I quickly skimmed thru a locked (why?) thread on teens here, but not yet found one talking abt some i've been thinking abt teens growing up, and losing family. I have previously lost friends, and there was a neighbor who passed away recently, so i was thinking about life, death, losses... even really hurting. Couldnt visit grandparents' resting place when my sister did, as it was not timely and considerably far. While others observe halloween festivities or go to the city and malls this weekend, i'd have preferred a quiet walk and talk in the forest, but the others are out. The last post was in fact abt my own regrets, as i did not post it to 'judge' others but just unload some things that were weighing me down. It didnt look nice to say in every line 'I wish i did not regret this or that' as it would seem too selfish tho.. Then i have to cut this short.


      • Thanks for the note. I was expecting, and would welcome other feedback, criticism in fact. But no, i could not be a writer. Like a confession, i said tho havent really done all of that, but still fallen, fallen short.

        My grandparents are long gone, CW, so its just relatives visiting sometimes. Guess am not ready to reply, but acknowledging your note, thanks.


        • Sorry, CW. Then i was being contradictory, looking for feedback. But maybe it was just being normal, thinking some thoughts, and thinking what do others think. It's like wanting to share an idea, or an experience with some very 'special' to you, but they're not there, or are no longer. So many What if's, like i recall parts of a song in childhood called I May Never Pass This Way Again where it said 'I'll give my hand to those who cannot see the sunrise or the falling rain...' But in truth there was no chance to actually do that-- or you missed it when there probably was at some point! Sure this is a women's health forum, but you do not know that many yet and do i put questions or just ramblings in the mental health section?! Thanks for bearing w/ me, as it is sometimes hard to express (and thats why sometimes others just sing, paint, or dance it, no?).


          • Originally posted by a2zlifestyle
            When you speak through the words and it is amazing... Everyone has inner a piece of quality to express their feelings in words beautifully....
            absolutely agreed


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