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    does anyone like to play computer games?
    if so, what do you play?

  • Does PokemonGo count? I am addicted

    I also LOVE logic games like sudoku, kenken, slants, etc that I play online
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    • I like sudoku too!


      • I don't play computer games but I have done in the past! If I were so inclined I would play them.


        • I adore playing games but unfortunately I have not more time for that on this moment... I usually play cRPG games - Diablo, Gothic, The Elder Scrolls series and more, more other! Of course I love The Sims.


          • Many kinds of computer games.but,My best computer game Disney.
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            • Always! I love RPGs, but puzzle and platform games too, for the most part. I've been gaming since I was 6 years old, & I'm currently mostly alternating between Minecraft (console version) & working towards 100% on Final Fantasy XIII, with a few breaks to play Bejeweled Blitz


              • Love games! Skyrim, Fallout4, Alone in the Dark4, Guild Wars 2... so many


                • Counter Strike 1.6 - forever!))


                  • There are a lot of good computer games, which I would play if I were so inclined. I did like Monkey Island as a teenager. Some wonderful memories.


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