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Curtains for a pink room

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  • Curtains for a pink room

    I recently painted my room Behr's "Be Mine" i can't find a link to the swatch but its a light soft pink. I was thinking of having a mix of pink panel and white with faint stripes panel curtains but i was wondering of anyone had any other ideas for a light pink room. I have white curtains now but my furniture is white and i would like some color.. I want the curtains and bedspread and area rug to compliment eachother so im thinking of choosing the curtains first... thanks for your advice... Im really in a pickle about this :s

  • I think silver will compliment the pink and white and also a splash of cream.

    Add, silver by way of your cushions on your bed and a few candles perhaps around.

    With the curtains I would keep them white to make the room look bigger.

    Assessories are the best way in which to make a room complete, being a Real Estate Agent, I see colours every day of my life.

    You can also add a feature wall, even though you've painted the whole room already to a matching much darker Pink to be bold and really bring the room out.



    • my daughters room as well as our master bathroom is very similar. in the girls room we have a mixed white and cream colored drape with light ink roses offset by small green leaves.

      we didnt pick it, as the previous owners left it. but it does look kind of nice.

      in the master bath we just have plain white shades.


      • If you are looking for an elegant look you should stick to creams or light taupes for curtains. The bed is obviously going to be the focal point so you could stick with a crisp white linen for that. As for accessories have things like a brushed silver table lamp, maybe some floral prints on a pillow or lampshade (these are the places where you could add that punch of color-but only in the flower part). You could even add a floral print on the curtains as long as it is subtle, you don't want to turn it into a disco room with neon colors haha. You could also incorporate yellow into things, that also works well as long as all the colors are on the same tone of neutral/soft/light.
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        • depends what look you are going for. If you want punk, pink and black, if you want sweet pink and white or pink and brown go nice together. Or you can even do pink on pink
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          • SILVER!! i never thought of that! that would look really nice thanks so much for the help!


            • ok i had a pink bedroom growing up..just make sure that there isn't too much pink. i suggest adding some browns, darker shades of pink, or silver (which is a clever choice). please make sure that you incorporate more than just pink. my mom went on a pink shopping spree it seems and that's not even my favorite color. lol. (i think having a pink bedroom my whole life might be why i really don't like that color). i feel that since the room might have a softer sense because it is a lighter shade, your focus piece should be bold. incorporate contrasting colors for an appealing look. have fun!!
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              • you can be as Marie Antoinette and make them light blue and ruffly , and of course full of bows !! so cute !!


                • Old thread. O/P has not been back since.
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