Cleaning with Natural Products

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Cleaning with Natural Products

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  • Cleaning with Natural Products

    I was inspired by this blog and thought i should share it ...

    Cleaning your furniture with natural products is not only good for your furniture, but it also great for the family as well.

    if you know of other ways to go green at home please post it here
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  • Love the idea of this thread :-) Bi-carb soda is also a great way to sanitize things. It is completely safe and since I wash up in the sink I put a spoonful into my washup water every wash (particularly if meat is involved) and use a solution of this in water to wipe my benches down. It is a safe (fumeless) way to "disinfect" most if not all surfaces. It is also a great smell banisher so if you have smelly shoes sprinkle a bit into them and leave for a day or two. Be mindful though of mixing it with things other than water. It can cross react with somethings to form potent chemicals.


    • In My Grams Day it was called CLEAN.
      When you came home and it smelled like Pine trees . We thought it was cleaned Or Winters time ..

      When we came home and it Smelled like Bleach / Clorox that meant Gram covered
      the Not Clean or Gramps smell from working.

      The smell of Bacon, Cinnamon almost got rid of the smell of Ranch life ..


      • Vinegar.
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        • I recently switched to an eco-friendly laundry detergent. I hope more folks start to see the benefits in this for your health and the environment!


          • Yeah, eco-friendly cleaners are good to use. They have no harmful effect. It makes no sense to surround yourself with chemicals daily, if there is some natural options are available. Some suggestions are:
            CitraSolv Concentrated Natural Cleaner,
            Kitchen Stone Cleaning Block,
            Soap Nuts 100% Natural, Biodegradable Laundry Liquid.
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