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Bedding for a purple room...

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  • Bedding for a purple room...

    I have struggled forever with this and i need some help.. my room is the colour "winter ice" from behr... you can't attach websites on this forum so i can't show it but its a muted purple.. a soft bluish, greyish, purple.... i cannot for the life of me figure out a nice colour bedding... i was thinking black but i was hoping for a colour... black will be my default... i don't want it to look like a little kid's room... im honestly regretting painting it purple but i just love the colour... finding bedding is really tough though... I always stay away from white because my dad smokes and it make me really paro to think that it will go yellow... that happened to all my white furniture and the bedding i had before

  • Hi cinnamon,

    No, you cannot attach websites on this forum, all out bound links are not allowed, however, you can post a picture into your personal photo section on this Forum and then press the third button on the right up the top and post it..

    My step-daughters room was purple, the lounge is still there and she has fuccia pink and cream with some soft greys and it looks wicked.


    • Southern Breeze by behr.
      I actually googled the color so I would be sure of the exact color you are talking about. I love that color and it's really not hard to find something that goes with it or accents it. I had bedding that color with little accents of grey so I accented it with silver (lamp, candle holders etc...) My personal favorite colors are that color purple and green, and silver of course goes with everything. The green I am talking about is that southern breeze, you can google it and see what it looks like...it's kind of like a sage green.
      If you want the room brighter, the fuchia color would really brighten it up. It all depends on your personal taste. When you finally find the color that appeals to you and get the room all put together you should post a picture of it because I'd like to see how it turns out.


      • Hi Cinnamon! I also had to Google the color, but it is a very pretty color!!! In my oppinion, I would say soft blues and soft purples. I like Jaded's idea of the silver and greens, but I would also think of how the sun is going to hit it, how it'll look in the shadows, and does it make your room bigger or smaller? I'm deciding my own colors for my room and how everything is going to sit, and my mom asks me these questions when I think of a new idea; "Is it a relaxing color or does it give you a headache?" "Are the accents and things that you buy make the color pop?" It's just my oppinions and I hope it helps!


        • I think charcol grey would look nice with purple, or just white!


          • Grey, or black and white.
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