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How to rid tiny flies?

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  • How to rid tiny flies?

    Help Please! I live in Florida and I have TONS of those little tiny flies in my house! I keep the house clean and there is no food sitting out anywhere but i can't seem to get rid of these tiny flies! If anyone has any ideas please enlighten me. I feel like I'm in a losing battle they are driving me absolutely crazy I don't know what type they are because they are EVERYWHERE.

  • I remember when I was a boy an egg or something got laid in our house and we were infested with houseflies. My mother went on a fly-killing campaign until they were dead. You may need to find where they're coming from and cut them off at the source. I just had carpenter ants and gave in and hired professionals.
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    • I lived in Hawaii and we had a lot of little fruit flies. My mom used to trap them in homemade traps. She would take a wide mouth jar. She would put a bait in the jar, like a banana peel, cover the top with waxed paper or plastic wrap and secure with a rubber band. Then she made a small hole in the top of the cover, about 1/8 inch, just big enough for the flies to enter. The small amount of odor from the decaying bait would be undetectable to people but was enough to attract the flies to the hole. They would enter and very few would find their way back out. I've seen jars with hundreds of the little flies trapped in it. When it got disgusting enough she threw it away and made a new one. You may have to try different baits until you find out what attracts the flies in your area. It takes a few days for the bait to get "ripe" enough to attract a large number of flies.
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      • They are more than likely cluster flies. We have them here in New Zealand too. They are small, in their hundreds and cover everything! Dreadful things. Google them and you will learn about them

        Their larvae are parasitic and eat off of earthworms, then they make for a warm, sunny spot - your house! Where they promptly die and cover your window sills and floor. Ughh!

        You can try Fly and Spider extermination or borer bombs, but most things only kill them, they don't deter.

        Once you have them they set a pheranome which leads others to them. You have them year after year. But they are seasonal. Usually spring/summer. Although in Florida where you are they may well be all year.

        Not a heck of a lot you can do except vacuum!!!!
        PS We have them in our two spare bedrooms! We vacuum three or four times per day!


        • Thanks for all the great responses! I will be sure to try ALL of these methods because I am at my wits end.


          • Here are some Natural and Safe Homemade Pest Sprays.

            Homemade fly sprays are gentler than commercial sprays. They are often used on large livestock, such as horses, to kill flies without harming the animal or irritating its skin. Make a homemade fly spray for use around the house when flies become a problem. Most homemade fly sprays do not contain synthetic chemicals, allowing you to use them without concern for strong chemical odors.

            Vinegar Fly Spray

            Mix together 14 oz. apple cider vinegar, 4 oz. baby oil, 2 oz. tea tree oil and 1 oz. citronella oil in a large bowl. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spraying flies with the mixture kills them. Spray the solution onto animals that attract flies or around house doors to deter flies from coming near. Though don't use on Bedding or Furniture or Carpets, the Oils may, Stain fabric's.

            Epsom Salt Fly Spray

            Dissolve 1/4 cup Epsom salts in 1/2 cup of hot water. Pour 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar and 1/4 cup body oil into the mixture. Mix the ingredients well. Pour the solution into a spray bottle. Spraying the flies kills them. Spraying around doors and windows deters flies from coming into the house.

            Pyrethrum Powder Spray

            Pyrethrum powder comes from the flower of certain chrysanthemum species. The chrysanthemum flowers contain a volatile oil that kills insects, and pyrethrum powder is often used in insecticides. Create the spray by steeping 1 oz. of pyrethrum powder in 1 gallon of hot water. Spray flies in and around the house to kill them.

            Quassia Wood Fly Spray

            Make a homemade fly spray with quassia wood chips. Quassia chips are sometimes used in herbal remedies and are found in some health food stores. To create the spray, soak 7 oz. wood chips in 2 qts. of water for 12 hours. Bring the solution to a boil and then strain into a spray bottle. This acts as a common insecticide and kills flies and other bugs.

            One of the key things is to prevent them from Entering at all, so make sure to spray around window sills, On Screen Door & Window Screens.In the Kitchen Trash can and out door Trash cans too. Also try having a Few ...Well Placed Chrysanthemum
            Plants, near Entry Doors and in the Kitchen where they are attracted to the Food the most.

            You can purchase a Pyrethrum Spray and House " Bomb / Fogger " at most Lawn & Garden stores, like Lowes or Home Depot or Ace Hardware, some Kmart's and Walmart's to De " Fly/ Bug" your home, then just keep up with a Natural Spray treatment once a week .

            Not to Forget ... the " Mum " Family are very Pretty, and even though Seasonal, you can dry the flowers as they fall off and make dried Flower arrangements or Sachets for Drawers and stuff in bathrooms and bedrooms, pantries. To continue to deter the lil pests. Just keep them away from Kids that may want to Chew or Eat them, or any other Plant ..



            • Something I found to help with this is to get a wide but small container and place it next to your sink. Fill the container with apple cider vinegar. They are attracted to it but when they land the vinegar is too thick and it is hard for them to fly... then they die in it. It can get filled quick so try to keep changing it when the top gets too full.


              • Use an insecticides. I'm sure they will all be dead.
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                • To get rid of tiny flies you should keep compost scraps outside, never put old sponges, mops, or dishrags after use, you should Clean your dishes immediately, especially if it is wine or juice glasses. You can set a few vinegar traps in problem areas, it helps to prevent from flies.
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