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How to make a small room have the most space

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  • How to make a small room have the most space

    Hey! I've posted something similar before...
    I have a small room (it is not a dorm room, I'm 16 and live at home). I have a small closet and it has a little room for storage in it. My room has my bed, a dresser, two bookcases with a matching desk, a small trunk, and a few odd things. I'm (hopefully) going to paint my room a light lavender color in the next few months and we'll have to take everything out to paint. When I put everything back in, I want to add a few things to help maximize my storage. My bed is a big part of it, mainly because of where it's located. When you walk in, my bed is on the left, next to my closet. I don't really want to move it because I really like where it is. I can't describe it, but I like my bed where it is. I have a few boxes under my bed that hold some storage. It could hold more, but I'd have to get bed risers, which will be a little while before that happens. I'd mainly like to get few, maybe only one, small rolly storage bins. I'm mainly wanting to use the extra bins for extra tanktops and shorts and small items like that so I can free a little space in the closet. I also babysit and I was going to put their clothes in a bin so they can get to it and I don't have to worry about hangers and closet space.
    I know that may not happen...I am planning on putting up a few shelves to hold pictures and a few keepsakes, but it won't open a lot of space.

    My question is, I guess, is if anyone has any tips on how to maximize my storage in my room the way I'd like? I have to kinda keep everything that's already in my room. I can make a few exceptions, but not many. And if anyone knows how to maximize closet space, that would also be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you in advance!

  • Hi Cheyenne,
    Could you have long shelves around the top of the spare walls and keep books etc items up there. Boxes on your closet( wardrobes) if possible, I have plastic draws 4 in and they help and fit into small area's. you can get hangers that take 4/5 items on the one hanger. I would love more storage as well, I am having a sort out. Good luck, I am sure will be lovely when finished.
    Take care


    • Light lavender color is the best for giving fresh look, light color also reflects light so your room will look bigger. Of getting a large feel you should put large mirrors in the room. Increase size of the closet to add another one, Invest in smaller beds with a slim light design, small room also has various wasted space under the beds and at the bottom of the closet that often is lying idle, there you can keep exercising equipment or things that are needed just once in a day.
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      • well i have also small room but i decorate it my own style you can also follow below..
        Create depth with mirrors
        Under bed storage
        Bury your bureau
        Light it up
        use a peaceful palette
        Double duty desk
        Take advantage of the vertical
        Bring in a baskets
        and whopping windows treatment.


        • I agree with Charles. Great tips!


          • These are all really good tips, thank you! However, I came across this article about how window treatments can help make a room appear bigger.

            Here are some keypoints:

            Choose blinds and shades that are low-profile and flush with your windows.

            Install sheer shades for the ultimate in natural light and openness.

            Mount your window treatments outside of your windows.

            Hang a mirror facing your windows and window coverings.

            Opt for light colors when choosing your blinds or shades.

            Think vertical for rooms with low ceilings.

            Choose solid colors over textures and patterns.

            Opt for uniform colors across the board.

            Remove clutter from areas near your windows and window coverings.

            Hope this helps some.
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