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Favorite cold-weather activities

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  • Favorite cold-weather activities

    For those that live in a part of the world that has 4 seasons, or at least a cold season, what do you do to prevent "cabin fever"? What do you do to stay active, stay social and engaged in life, and stop the doldrums from coming over you?

    I don't like cold weather. More than the cold, it's the dark, dreary days that just make the eyes droopy and our minds dull and unfocused. How do you combat the inclination to draw in and be a recluse during these months?

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    I hibernate in January, I look forward to the hibernation for some odd reason

    but in Dec we take our kid ice skating, to see Santa, and have taken vacation when our kid is off from school
    and when it's warm enough 30 or so but there's snow, we play in it, make snow angels, make snowmen, let the dog romp in it, go to see the Nutcracker
    when our kid was little but it was too cold to go out, I'd shovel up some snow in a container for our kid to play with inside


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      When I was younger and living in a four season area I would go skiing from time to time. Cheaper than that would be to go skating. You can spend part of the winter outdoor. You don't have to stay cooped up.
      I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience.
      Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot?

      From a speech by Patrick Henry on March 23, 1775 at St. John's Church, Richmond, Virginia


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        Where I come from the term winter meant almost 6 months of snow and at least 3 months of weather hovering so cold that your breath can leave little clouds as you walk, and where the weather man gives warnings as to how long you can stay outside prior to your exposed skin freezing. Where I now live, it's a bit warmer and we are near some decent ski hills. I was skiing but some health issues forced me to quit. My husband and I are avid curlers and we both curl competitively twice a week. Other than that lately I'm not doing much. I do a lot of sewing, clothing, quilting and machine embroidery and that generally keeps me occupied. We try to get out to a Nordik Spa at least one weekend, and take the time to have a warm weather vacation. This January we are going to Sandals Resort Ochi in Jamaica.

        Other than that, we hibernate, watch movies, eat dinner and shovel snow.

        It helps to get some sunlight each day, if not sun at least get out and get some fresh air. It also helps to have friends in, gather socially or go out, have a card night and/or sometimes just get stupid maybe drink a little wine, tell outrageous stories and giggle and laugh. There is time enough for crying when one is alone.
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          forgot before we even became parents, we'd drive around looking at Christmas lights
          there are some houses with elaborate lights and you tune the radio station that have posted

          there's one area where every house puts out lights for Santa so Christmas eve, after early church we put on our pjs and get in a warm car and go see the lights, and maybe drink cocoa when we come back

          when it was husband and I we had an ice cream maker and we made a batch of ice cream which was silly, we sold it at a garage sale though


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            Originally posted by Claret View Post
            This January we are going to Sandals Resort Ochi in Jamaica.
            that sounds awesome!
            when one has a winter, it's great to take vacation in dec or jan knowing it's cold back home and you're somewhere warm


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              Some hate cold weather but I love winter especially hanging out in the fire place.


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                Well, I love all the Christmas activities, such as shopping, meals out, decorating the tree, writing Christmas cards. I also love watching all the Christmas ads on TV and YouTube! They are really clever and entertaining. I am going out for a day trip nearer Christmas: I will be seeing my brother and sister, where we shall have lunch out and dinner out. I also celebrate Christmas with a good friend. It's all going on. And I have to say it: Merry Christmas!


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                  drove out to an allotment we go to every year with huge houses
                  they are always decorated so nice at Christmas time with lights on all the roofs, all their trees lit, etc


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                    Originally posted by atskitty2 View Post
                    I don't like cold weather. More than the cold, it's the dark, dreary days that just make the eyes droopy and our minds dull and unfocused.

                    well I've been staring at the tree lights and fireplace fire
                    the frigid temps derailed some of our plans so we are getting ready to make MORE cookies

                    the pastor said to enjoy food during holidays and diet later so must follow his advice......


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                      Originally posted by amy40 View Post
                      I hibernate in January
                      been easy to hibernate with below 0 wind chill temps but today decided to brave the cold and go grocery shopping as cupboard is bare
                      with school vacation/cancellation, we've been holed up

                      how are others in cold weather states faring?


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                        Actually, it isn't that cold where I live! There is no snow for the time being. It feels like a spring day today. I am glad it's a new year. I have done some spring cleaning and just cleaning my apartment. Anyhow, the weather is pleasant. I don't mind the cold, though: you just get used to it over the years.


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                          snow shoveling!

                          twice last night to try to keep up....
                          need to get out again as don't want husband to do it

                          time to shovel again.....
                          so much for staying inside and hibernating ha
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