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  • social media outlets

    What social media do you use and how much a part of your life is it?

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    I use Facebook because we live away from most of our families. My son and Daughter and husband live in another part of the country as does my In-laws. It keeps me in touch with them and with the news of our families. I also have an Instagram account but I don't really use it that much. How much a part of my life is it? I'm on daily although not all day. I pop on and off and check various other things such as my machine embroidery groups and health care groups that I am a part of. And then of course, I pop in here as well.
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      Facebook, just to keep in touch with family and friends who don't live close by. I usually look daily but rarely post.


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        only currently on this forum and one other

        not on FB or any other social media as don't want to put my real name out there
        ​did an internet search and my name doesn't come up,
        husband's name does because of his work

        what about you and social media use?



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          This is the only forum I often post to. I follow friends, family and music on Facebook.
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            I have Facebook. Look at it daily but rarely post. Same with Instagram.
            I am on one other forum as well, but it's a young crowd. I am exercising that maternal side in that forum!

            I really just don't know how people have the time or energy to take and post pics daily or multiple times daily. And the update for what they're doing every few hours!
            I have FB only on my tablet, not my phone so it doesn't go with me everywhere.


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              I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram on my mobile phone which I use most of the time. Apart from that I'm just using few Forums on my system to keep in touch with other people on Internet..