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service animals being banned

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    service animals being banned

    Have any of you taken note of the abuses to service dog usage, and the result of service animals being banned from some places now?

    This whole thing makes me very angry. I've known many people claiming an emotional support animal, and so on, and they could even get paperwork for this. These are very different from trained service dogs. Now people that are genuinely dependant on their dogs are severely limited due to the banning.

    I'm not sure what to do, but I would love to get involved in this issue somehow.

    I am not enthusiastic about service animals, but they are well trained and should not cause problems except for people with certain allergies. It becomes a situation of who has more rights than another. Expanding the number of animals traveling in the passenger compartment of any other type should not be allowed. Service animals are expensive due to the amount of training that they get. People do not get service animals unless they need them. Other types of animals (pets) should be banned. Use a hypnotic or other drugs to control any problems until being reunited with an emotional support pet.
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      Service dogs are more common now, but it's still fairly rare to see them. Otoh, I see many people with their therapy dogs insisting on special services due to their perceived disability.

      It makes me sick. Blind people, amputees, and others will now be unable to enjoy some activities because of the rampant abuse of this.


        I agree, Kitty. It's an issue that bothers me too. Of course, there are distinct differences in rights of service animals vs emotional support animals. But, the fact that almost any person can claim their dog an emotional support dog, it has really diluted the respect. A former boss of mine had her wild and crazy pit bull declared an emotional support dog. All she had to do was tell her doctor she was having bad anxiety and that she didn't feel comfortable without her dog. The ONLY reason she did it is so the dog would be allowed on some hiking trails where dogs were banned. It REALLY irritated me.

        Service dogs save peoples lives. I wasn't aware they were being banned. I would not be surprised at all if some places banned emotional support dogs, but am definitely surprised by the service dog banning. Dogs who are trained to detect insulin lows before they occur, dogs who are trained for epilepsy patients and literally lay under their heads during seizures, dogs who allow blind people independence, etc, etc, etc.
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          BD, I haven't researched for myself, but what I was told is that these folks can get the same paperwork on these emotional support dogs, as service dogs are required to have to board aircraft and gain admission to other places dogs normally would not be permitted. These dogs are not well trained as service dogs, or cats, or birds... and can cause disturbances. This is why they're potentially going to have to ban service dogs. Because many now, are not truly Service animals...they're pets that people just want to take along and are willing to pay a nominal fee for the paperwork.

          It's disgusting.

          Doctors are partly to blame, for providing documentation to support this too. The agencies handing these out needs stricter policies or something. I'm not sure the solution.