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How Do Weapons Change the Wielder?

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    Originally posted by amy40 View Post
    maybe I do need a stick
    Or become a Disney princess and make friends with all of them
    "Those sowing seed with tears
    Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


      Originally posted by amy40 View Post

      husband and I have hiked in the rocky mtns (us and Canada) off the beaten path and don't remember worrying about animals, although we probably mentioned it "what if we see a bear"
      I've had deer wander through my primitive car camp in the Sierra Nevada (where there are deer there are black bears in that area.) I have been close to moose in Yellowstone (I got out of there since moose are known to be territorial and unpredictable.) I've been near wild monkeys in several places in Thailand. I've been several hundred yards from a wild black bear at a ski resort west of Yellowstone (they can close the distance very fast.) As best as I can tell, I have been near mountain lions. Wild animals don't bother me but I am not going to press my luck. On the other hand I have camped in the wilderness and have not worried about the wild animals other than being careful about how I deal with food.
      I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience.
      Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot?

      From a speech by Patrick Henry on March 23, 1775 at St. John's Church, Richmond, Virginia


        Originally posted by amy40 View Post

        why do you think someone is out to get YOU?

        At the risk of pointing out the obvious, nobody is out to get ME - that I know of, anyway! - but random violence is called that for a reason: it's random. And just because some random shooter (or knife-wielder, or rental truck driver, or...) is not out to get me personally doesn't make him shooting me any less personal.


          We went to Canada every summer, to an outfitter, and Dad always had a gun...but he was always packing, so it was no different. We were 8-10 hrs from a hospital, tho I am guessing they could send in a plane for us had we been seriously injured.
          Dad and my brother encountered bear, moose, and other smaller beasts. I always happened to just miss the big close ups.
          Dad was face to face with a moose standing outside our cabin one morning. He came in and looked a bit pale, didn't tell us until the next day! Lol Moose are dangerous, and they're huge!

          Quite certain a bear was feet away when I went to the outhouse one morning, but it went away when I'm sure it caught my scent. I just heard the snort and a grumble...
          I think with wild animals, fear should be that sense of healthy respect and understanding. It's fear, knowing they can take my life quickly, but there's a respect for that power and instinct. And there, I'm in their home...I'm the intruder, and I will give them their place.

          In my home, spiders are the vicious intruders. I don't kill many things, but spiders just have to die unless someone else is here to escort them to the back of the yard.


            I think spiders are lucky, atskitty2 [unless they're poisonious]. I always put spiders outside. I actually love them and could never kill one.

            Just a thought!


              P & C...nope.
              I understand spiders are valuable parts of the ecosystem and all that. They are wonderful parts of the environment but, I'm terrified, irrationally so.

              If it's between me getting a night's sleep, or not, the spider has to go.
              Outdoors I will leave them alone. My house, my rules.


                Originally posted by amy40 View Post

                I'd hate to live with that kind of fear daily and/or live in such an unsafe place

                in the summer, I walk outside at night by myself after midnight because it's much cooler
                sometimes take dog, sometimes not
                often go shopping at night, too although husband doesn't like me to do that

                as a kid walked through alleys to get home after dark (although wouldn't do the alley thing now)

                Murder can happen anywhere, even in the most safe cities in America. Murderers do not confine themselves to specific regions. You could encounter outlaw bikers or murderous bangers anywhere.

                My suggestion to you is to reconsider what you believe to be true. From reading your posts, what you think you know and authentic knowledge aren't congruent. But you do what's right for you. But keep in mind that you're responsible for remaining vertical.


                  jns is all over it. Any wild animal is a potential threat. I'd never trust a "tamed" wild animal. About ten years ago, a supposed tamed griz that was used in moves killed its trainer.

                  I've been all over the Rockies and Eastern Sierra. I've been deep in griz country. I've seen black bears and mountain lions in their natural habitat. I've also seem a zillion great whites while chasing tuna at Guadalupe Island. Great whites are awesome critters. However, killer whales routinely kill and eat great whites. Orcas are in the dolphin family; translation: they're intelligent. Great whites are fish; translation: they're D-U-M-B. Orcas will also kill and eat polar bears. When an orca sees a polar bear swimming in the Arctic Ocean, it'll grab a bear's leg and drown it.

                  A game warden friend of mine told me that should I encounter a bear or lion while hiking in wilderness areas, whether I live or die is up to the beast, not me. Whether it runs away or decides to eat me is up to it. He told me to carry a handgun. A handgun will not always assure survival. But it could reverse who has control over my longevity.

                  If I'm gonna die, I'd like ability to fight back.

                  I have encountered a bull moose with a cow while hunting in Wyoming. He saw me before I saw him. He was in heat & I was in in hot water. He was about sixty yards from me. My rifle was slung over my shoulder. I remained motionless. Had he decided to kill me, there was no way I'd of gotten my rifle in position to fire a shot before he'f of been all over me. He stared me down for about five minutes before wandering off.

                  I've been lucky with black bears. All have run or wandered off. But it'd take one with an aggressive disposition to cut short the rest of my life.

                  Rev up a search engine for "Bear attack fatalities." They ain't pretty. One account is of a black bear that was eating a victim's thigh while he was alive. A bullet to that bear saved the dude's life. It was fired by another dude who was wise enough to have a rifle in mean critter country.

                  People with irrational fear of guns are thankful for others with them when they're used to save irrational lives.

                  My ex-g/f loves wilderness, but she has an irrational fear of wild animals, especially bears. She has read at least one book of fatal bear attacks. She has no clue of what a high power rifle will do to a bear. I've told her a million times that I wouldn't take her to wilderness areas w/o ability to protect her.

                  The absolute most dangerous animal roaming remote areas walks on two legs. Especially women should carry handguns when they're hiking in rural areas. There are more than a few cases of rapists and murderers who've preyed along hiking trails for vulnerable women.


                    Originally posted by atskitty2 View Post
                    P & C...nope.
                    I understand spiders are valuable parts of the ecosystem and all that. They are wonderful parts of the environment but, I'm terrified, irrationally so.

                    If it's between me getting a night's sleep, or not, the spider has to go.
                    Outdoors I will leave them alone. My house, my rules.
                    Years ago, on a TV program, National Geographic probably, it was said that rattlesnakes serve no ecological purpose, that what they do is done by non-venomous snakes. I'd bet it's true. I do know that a Mojave green bite has potential to kill inside a half-hour.

                    What do lethal-to-humans spiders do that isn't done by benign types? I feel the same way about lethal spiders as a do about Mojave greens: kill 'em all.

                    I've watched a program about brown recluse (violin) spiders. One bit a young girl of about 9 on her back. She died. That was a tear jerker. Screw deadly spiders & snakes. I'm on the side that protects human beings. A bear or lion that attacks or threatens to attack a person has forfeited its life. The person lives, the mean critter dies.


                      Originally posted by WaveRider View Post
                      Any wild animal is a potential threat. I'd never trust a "tamed" wild animal. .
                      husband and I went inside a closed in area with wolves at a wolf sanctuary; I was scared but decided to do it anyway
                      we have hiked in Co, Wy, Az, Tn, Pa, Canada (and even had sex outside in the rocky mtns)

                      know that being around animals and humans and just living is a risk
                      but no interest whatsoever in getting a gun to carry it with me everywhere