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Hogg Likes Guns...

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    Hogg Likes Guns...

    When they're used to protect him.

    David Hogg has recently revealed that he's afflicted with narcissistic personality disorder. I'm more inclined to interpret his behavior as symptomatic of sociopathy. Other than mental illness, how could one justify capitalizing off of a horrible tragedy for self-enrichment and self-promotion? Apparently P.T. Barnum was right on target, so to write. There are those seeking a bandwagon for acceptance who are willing to forsake reason and logic and throw in with a mentally ill whack-job who's attempting financial gain off of corpses of murdered high school kids. Hogg was awaiting an exploitable tragedy. It gets worse.

    I've read numerous accounts of late that Hogg Wild has hired armed security to protect him while he's in New York City promoting his book. He's good with denying ordinary Americans their natural right to life via armed self-defense, yet he's now an elitist who's deserving of armed protection. Hogg is one sick puppy. Yet he has retained a shrinking cadre of coterie of a lemming species.

    The second I heard him talk, it was clearly evident he was in it to monetize it. He's a mentally ill whack job who has exploited murdered kids to further his agenda of wealth accumulation and media promotion.

    What's alarming to me is he has duped the vulnerable and less knowledgeable to throw in with him and his crusade to remove rights from Americans. Have Americans lost their abilities to think before they commit?

    What publishing house would sign that sicko to a book deal?

    BTW, NYC has what might be the most strict gun laws in the nation. So why is Hogg worried? Doesn't he know that Americans are prevented by law from owning handguns in NYC? Or is he weasel enough to advocate for even more restrictive gun laws that'll affect only law abiding Americans and will have zero impact on criminals because they don't obey laws?

    Search engine, "David Hogg armed security," for info.

    "Show me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are."
    ---My Dad

    Oh, he "revealed" it, as if it were not glaringly obvious?
    Isnt his 15 minutes up yet?