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Changing times

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  • Changing times

    In our area, lots of major stores and smaller stores are closing. Online shopping is to blame, I suppose. It's an easy transition for many, but those older folks, like myself, prefer in store. Just in the past year, 2 major stores and probably a dozen smaller stores have closed.

    Also, elderly prefer to shop in store, and may not have access to the web. Mom is with me, and trying to get an old woman to understand these changes is difficult.

    We are all moving toward more reclusive lives. We hide behind screens to meet people/socialize, to shop, to work, etc. We have phone in medical consults and counseling sessions. We can grocery shop online and pick It up at the door. It is a change that I don't think is healthy and I'm not sure if we've chatted about this here. Our social, community fiber is being destroyed I think. Personal touches, etiquette and manners are deteriorating as well.

    maybe this goes with Maximus' revolution topic in some way. I think we are heading for big changes, in personal interaction behavior in the next generation.
    Thoughts and observation?

  • agree that it's not good for some people
    however, for elderly who can't get drive, ordering online and having food delivered is handy

    know someone who moved to a big city last year and gained 25# because they are using food delivery to save time after working all day with long commute

    predict the obesity rate will continue to rise as more people do virtually everything online
    don't think Internet is secure so no buying online for me and once again doing paper taxes, lol


    • Many older ppl don't use or trust the internet. I'm sure she will be gone by the time stores are completely gone, it's just frustrating for her and for me.


      • I think it will result in a hybrid situation. The smaller stores go obsolete (not entirely, but most of them), the big stores take over (this has already happened in most areas), and online retailers boom with business.

        So, shopping in person won't go away, you just won't have the small mom and pop options that you used to have. There are still LOTS of rural areas that don't even have home internet as an option. They will continue store shopping.

        And people like me, who HATE shopping in stores, will enjoy shopping from the peace and quiet of our homes.
        "Be what you're looking for."


        • other than ToyR us, haven't noticed any store closings
          there is a growth spurt where we live, houses are being bought quickly and a new housing allotment is starting less than 5 miles from us
          new restaurants and new grocery stores have come in the past year

          traffic is getting worse and worse so dislike the growth

          child and I try on clothes, shoes, and definitely don't want anyone choosing groceries as am particular about picking frts/veggies
          we both use our senses and have sensitivities so need to touch, see, smell
          if a material feels rough or scratchy or smells weird, we won't buy


          • the thought of having to return any item that doesn't look right, fit right, damaged, etc plus knowing sites are constantly being hacked with people's info stolen is enough to keep me from buying anything online

            so despite the traffic, guess am thankful there's no slowing down businesses in our area


            • I am like you, Beautiful Disaster: I also hate shopping in stores. When I can, it's online shopping for me. However, I only do my grocery shopping in store. My sister insists I must use actual shops when I can, but I do not like them. I'd happily shop online forever.

              However, when it comes to the elderly, having online access might not be viable. My grandmother has a tablet, but had to be shown how to shop online. But a lot of older people aren't so computer savvy and losing shops is very, very bad news for them. Because things have changed and, as with everything, this has a negative impact on the public. Online shopping is worth billions globally and companies will go where the profit is. I suppose we all know that, but it is still sad smaller retailers are losing business.


              • The changing times and how it affects the people shop might be handled differently geographically.
                In Anglosaxon countries (including the US), there is probably more interest for online shopping than in other countries I have seen. Especially in mine, there are some big stores but nowhere near as big as the ones in the US for instance.
                Even then, I personally shop there as little as possible, the trend is to have small shops, privately owned or even run by a community (bio-shops).
                My wife and a group of friends are running one of these shops, with a very small customer base.
                The primary objectives are proximity, interconnections and trust. There is no cashier and each person writes down in a booklet what they take and pay at the end of the month.
                So the experience is vastly different.
                I can't remember the last thing I bought online and when.

                In an attempt to find out when, I looked it up.
                My last order online was in 2013 (not including hotels and flights which you can't do otherwise).
                Behold the presence of the Father in all beings...


                • Shopping in store is a wonderful thing, Maximus. As I have mentioned, I do shop in store. But if I want something quickly, I will buy online [aside from buying groceries]. Again, online shopping is where the money is. But I understand the difficultly of doing so when someone doesn't even own a computer. So shops won't be desolated: I am sure of it. AND a lot of shops do trade in both store and online. It's a compromise. Because many people do enjoy shopping and always will.

                  A great thread.


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