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What's Your Morning Routine?

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  • What's Your Morning Routine?

    I wake up and brush my teeth. I have a bowl of cereal and drink a cup of coffee. I then put on my computer - which is an extension of my soul - and run the washing machine. I have a shower after this and open all the windows.

    I love my mornings and having a routine is wonderful.

    Over to you!

  • Totally depends on what I have going on that morning and the rest of the day. Usually breakfast, meditation/quiet time, study time, exercise, or get ready and go straight to work. Different routines based on what I have to do.


    • My morning coffee time is probably my favorite time of every day. On workdays, it is literally the only half-hour I have to myself ALL day. I usually sit outside on my patio swing and enjoy the morning sights and sounds, if weather permits.

      In general, I wake up, shower, fix the dog's breakfast (top priority...lol), then get my coffee and we (the dog and I) go outside for a 30 minute coffee time. Then, I get ready (takes me about 20-30 min) and head to work.

      On weekends my actions are very similar, except I sleep later, and relish in an hour or so of quiet/no obligation time before starting the day.
      "Be what you're looking for."


      • depends on who wakes me up, lol (intentional or not)
        whether it's husband, child, dog, or nature
        don't use an alarm


        • Morning routine is important to so many people. I could not have a different one. My morning cup of coffee - in a caffetterie - is very important to me. I like the time alone and to decompress.

          I love all your replies. It is very interesting to read how others spend their mornings.


          • Generally wake up just before 5am. Go for a 30 min run, come home and meditate for 15 minutes, shower and head to work for 6:30. Eat at work and sleep if I can for an hour. On double shifts I don't run but I'll meditate and do dynamic stretching with a foam roller.

            I generally don't have my first coffee or breakfast until half 10 or 11 depending on when i had my last meal the previous evening. I try do 16 hours intermittent fasting but sometimes it's 14.


            • Weekends can be different and I try to get up earlier and get everything done before my kids wake up at 6am. But that depends on what is going on


              • If I can i need to either make my bed as soon as i get up on do some form of tiding. It's something installed during military training and it means that if you do nothing else that day then at very least you have achieved something. It's very important to me and something my daughter now does instinctively


                • I am always cleaning and tidying up, MrMr and I also feel it is like the military do. In fact, doing so gives me order and structure in my life. I like routine and being organized. I have always been so. I cannot imagine being messy and disorganized. I definitely do things as a matter of routine.

                  Having a morning routine is something I'd advise anyone have.


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