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get really angry..

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  • get really angry..

    I'm hoping someone can help me.

    when someone really annoys me I get really angry, I cant control myself I feel as though i have to hit something..

    also when I get annoyed or I do something wrong and it makes me angry, I feel really angry and have an overwhelming urge to hurt myself. I end up punching myself, slapping myself (in the face), nipping and scratching myself, and hitting things to hurt myself..

    I dont know why I get so angry..
    can anyone shed some light on why I feel like this? I'm a very sensitive person normally.. dont know if this has anything to do with this?

    I really dont want to feel like this, it only happens when im angry.. I dont hit people I just take it out on myself like i feel like its my fault that im feeling angry or i fail at something that makes me angry.
    Please help? My boyfriend is getting distraught at me doing this to myself..


  • What were you told about anger growing up? What were you shown?


    • I never really experienced anger around me when I was younger I wasn't really told anything about anger.


      • Oh my gosh, I have had the same problem...Less self inflicted wounds, more different methods of suicide...

        Anger management classes are helping me...I know it sounds corny and all that but I've found it really helpful...Our company pays for it so even better...Or perhaps some therapy...Honestly, I've seen miraculous changes in people from just a few sessions with a therapist...
        The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on. - Robert Bloch


        • So your parent hide their anger? No one Never gets angry but they do have different ways of expressing it.


          • late reply

            sorry for a late reply but I haven't been on in a while.
            my parents just get really shouty and moody when they're angry.

            they used to hit me when I was naughty as a child, but not it a very violent way just on the bum. although my mum has slapped me in the face once and has slapped me hard on the arm a couple of times when we've been arguing.


            • I would really suggest getting into a counselor who understands deep seated anger issues and can help you explore where it's coming from. I had an excellent women who explained to me that motivation behind a woman's anger is usually different from a man and the tools you need to handle it vary as well.

              There are also some excellent books out there. Here is one. **Removed outbound link**
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              • [QUOTE=Rosebud85;146932]I would really suggest getting into a counselor who understands deep seated anger issues and can help you explore where it's coming from.

                definitely agree, years of worrying what was wrong with me was all solved (or at least started to get better) when i had some understanding of WHY i had similar feelings.


                • You may want to take some anger management classes. I was the same way for 8 years & it scared off some of my past boyfriends. If not anger management then get counseling.


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