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Anxiety Disorders

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  • Anxiety Disorders

    I've been looking into these a lot lately. I've had a few panic attacks due to stress at work and just feeling overwhelmed...

    The more I read into it, the more it seems that this may be the cause of my constant worry and fears regarding my job, relationships, etc. I assumed the fears were causing the attacks, but didn't realize that the fears themselves could be triggered by this.

    I want to stop worrying and being so on edge, but I'm not sure how... The therapy helps some, but like I mentioned in a previous post, I can't afford to go super often, and even if I could afford it, it's too hard with my schedule...

    Has anyone else dealt with an anxiety or panic attacks? What did you do that might be helpful other than taking medications??
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  • I havent had panic attacks, but i have had an awful lot of fears and second guessing myself a lot.

    the first step is to intellectually know that the fears are unjustified.

    G. Gordon Liddy used to say something like - Do what you fear, and soon the fear will be gone.

    maybe you need to see what it is that is making you feel overwhelmed, and address one issue at a time. trying to take on everything at once is too much.


    • Hi there!

      So sorry to hear that you've been suffering with Panic Attacks...believe me I know how awful they are!

      About 7 years ago I had them so bad that even stepping out my front door was enough to set one off and everyday was a real struggle to stay in control. I knew that what set them off was my irrational way of thinking but it still didn't seem to be enough to make them go away! The more I tried to fight it the worse it got and I honestly never thought I'd be rid of them, but I'm happy to report that I now live Panic Attack free I travel all over the world with my work, meet and eat with strangers and feel very comfortable in most situations...something I never thought would be possible! So I just want you to know that it **will** get better and they wont stay around forever!

      So how I managed to change? It took a lot of me looking at my life and being honest with myself...not sure how much you're into natural ways of thinking but I used to meditate every day and this helped me sooo much. Not only did relaxing bring the problem to the front of my mind for me to see but it also helped me to focus my mind much better for the day ahead.

      I also found that visualisation helped a lot. I used to have a real problem with people saying horrible things to me, so I imagined that I had a glass dome around me that protected me and wouldn't let anything that was thrown at me get through - sounds really stupid I know but it worked!

      Anyways I guess the main thing I would say is that your body reacts in these ways for a reason, maybe you know what it is or maybe it's something from your past that you've not dealt with....either way once you've found what it is and found a way to deal with it your panic attacks will dissapear I promise!

      Hope that's of help! Best of luck!


      • I've only had one panic attack but it was the scariest thing i've ever had to deal with. It runs in my family, none of them are on medication. The easiest thing to do find out what triggers those attacks and try to prevent them. The best thing to do while having an attack is sit down, drink some water and try to calm your breathing. If your really stressed try your best to relax : Take a bubble bath, yoga, scented candles, read a book, get a massage. Best of luck


        • Panic attacks are horrible.
          the worst has been my fear of driving. When not even 6 months ago I was out and driving all over the place!
          Now, I can't even drive down to the stop sign without having a full blown attack.
          This is the one that me and my therapist work on, and he wants me to use visualization,meditation, listening to calm music things along those lines.

          For me when I over think about something, the more my mind wanders about any and alllll possiblities that could arise, and it gets worse and worse and worse from then on.

          Since I started talking to my therapist, I've been having dreams about driving...they're not horrific but not completely calming either. Which was better than the first dream I had...they've gotten better.

          SO what I've been doing is, thinking positively, back to when I enjoyed driving and drove here, there and had fun doing this. I even talk about it with my therapist.

          For my other triggers, I do exactly what toffee does. I envision something around me where nothing can get past. A safe spot. It really truly works.

          I'm not sure what your fears are about what your job and relationships and all that. But give yourself some time, even if its a few minutes a day to just sit and close your eyes and just flush the negative thoughts out. Breathe calm and slow.

          I know how it is to have panic about things and I know that It isn't fun. If it feels like nothing is working. Give it time


          • i have general anxiety disorder. I've had it for 8 years.Been thinking i need to switch meds due to having big changes in my life. Either that or my meds are wearing off.
            Life's a dance you learn as you go


            • Do you see a behavior therapist - they can help you take a maladaptive behavior and turn it into an adaptive behavior. Try meditation to calm and relax yourself. good luck


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