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Anxiety related sickness?

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  • Anxiety related sickness?

    Hey everyone im new on the forum,
    For the past week i've been feeling sick everyday in the morning before school like i actually throw up.
    Before last week its only been motion sickness that didnt lead to anything.
    The weird thing is that I am usually fine about noon. I am definatly not pregnant as im currently single and virgin. And im not trying to loose weight lol.
    I was thinking maybe I have a bug but the ok in the afternoon dosent make sense.
    My stomach and muscles are really hurting from all the throwing up.
    Anyone have any tips or anything?

  • What are your sleep patterns like? Food intake?


    • It's possible you could have a bug, but anxiety can definitely cause all sorts of physical symptoms/sensations. I've dealt with panic disorder basically my whole life, and I feel sickly a lot of the time. Especially if I'm overwhelmingly stressed and anxious. Anxiety itself can cause the following symptoms (taken from another website, but I can't list it because I can't post links):

      Back pain, stiffness, soreness, tension, spasms
      Paleness, blushing, flushed red skin
      Body temperature changes
      Chest pain, chest tightness
      Feeling of choking
      Chronic fatigue, exhaustion
      Cold chills
      Dizziness, lightheadedness
      Heart palpitations, racing heart
      Increased or decreased sex drive
      Muscle tremors
      Numbness and tingling in limbs, fingers and toes
      Shortness of breath
      Difficulty swallowing
      Dry mouth
      Lack of appetite
      Lump in throat

      I'm sure there are many others, but I felt like this list was long enough. I hope there's something on there that can help you with the symptoms you've been having. If not, maybe it wouldn't hurt to talk to a medical professional if you don't start feeling better? I hope you do feel better, though.
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      • is anything going on at home or at school to make you anxious?

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