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  • Depressed

    I've been feeling really low lately, and I don't know how to cheer up. As some of you know, my uncle is really sick and I'm always worried about him and his future.

    I hope none of you are offended by a religious question
    I'm a Christian, but I feel like I can't pray because I'm so upset with God about my uncle among other things. I try praying anyway and acting cheerful anyway, but it doesn't seem to help.

    I don't have the money to go talk to a therapist or get any professional advice about all this, but it's really hard to cope with it especially since my other family members don't really seem to understand. Your advice has encouraged me so much before--I just need some strength from somewhere to keep going while my uncle is so sick, and I'm frustrated because no matter what I try to do, I'm still depressed and worried. What do you do when everything seems black and you can't even see in front of you? I just want to withdraw from everything, but I know that's not an option.

    Thanks so much for listening, you guys are awesome

  • Sorry your uncle is so sick - worrying about him being sick and making your self sick won't help the situation. I know that sounds harsh - been there done it to myself. When a family member is sick the best thing you can do is take better care of yourself.

    You are first year college right - lots of things are changing in your life - you are paying for school yourself - you are growing up and taking on different responsiblities making your own choices about your future. That is all fun, exilerating, exciting, scary, overwhelming, fearful at times.

    as for how other family members are dealing or not dealing with your uncles' sickness - stop judging them because everyone handles stress differently and copes how they are able too. If you are worrying about his future this sounds as though it could be terminal. Your aunt who could possibly be lossing her husband or whatever the case may be - if he has children and they may be lossing their dad - if there is something positive you can do such as house hold chores, errands to help them then do it - helping them will help you feel better and more connected - you won't feel so hopless and powerless about the situation. You can't cure your uncle but you can help his family.

    as for god and you being christian - during stressful times isnt that when you are suppose to hold your religious beliefs that much closer? Isn't that the time you are suppose to believe? God didn't make your uncle sick - i do not know what he suffers from but its not god's fault.

    maybe you are just trying to find your own spiritual path maybe the religious concepts that you were exposed to as a child and teenager no longer fit into your idealogy anymore. Maybe its time you read and explore other spiritual concepts that help you cope and have a deeper understanding of spirituality.


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