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Dealing with single female friends in her 40's

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  • Dealing with single female friends in her 40's


    I'm in my 40's and seem to be always surrounded by more and more professional women around this age without a boyfriend or looking for one and dealing with these different crazy personalities: what should I do???

    I had to stop seeing and being friends with some of them because their personality became really poisonous to me: always making me feel bad about myself, or criticized me in many ways...etc., that is, they were increasingly throwing bad waves at me... I'm really sensitive to this now...

    how can I find a balance and mingle with more men, married men, men in relationships, women with partners, etc. ?

    I have been dating a guy for the past 3 months...and our relationship seems to be growing: now we spend weekends together and during the week I'm feel plagued by all my single friends who want to either go to bars with me, after office get togethers, parties, coffees, etc.

    well, I seem to be trapped in two different situations here...
    any clue?

  • Just see it as another fork in the road. you're seeing someone new and eventually, things won't seem like you're being surrounded by negative things.

    If the women that are throwing bad waves are being that persnickety, distance yourself from them.
    Same as with the other women that want to hang out and do all the things you don't want to.
    You'll find a comfortable balance somewhere in there.
    Focus on the here and now


    • I think it's more to do with the fact your beginning a new journey with a male partner in your life and now you want to mingle with couples together, your settled, content.

      I'm in my 40's and I was single up until nearly 2 months ago myself and I wasn't wanting to go out to bars.

      They are scared, feeling left on the shelf, emotional, irrational and more than likely in-secure about their future.

      You have a man in your life now, your life has changed, use that to get out of it. You can't because your seeing him.

      If they were "friends", you'd love them anyway and still be able to converse, have coffee etc.

      They more than likely are aquaintences and are no longer a part of the life you now have.



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