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Just got the worst news..

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  • Just got the worst news..

    i just found out a friend of mine is dead.
    I feel so down, and all i can do is cry..

    Is there any advice you can give me.. that might help me get stronger, or atleast feel somewhat better?

    Really apperciate any feeedback..
    In a world that is doing it's best to make you some body else be nothing but yourself - Tabz Navad

  • You need to allow yourself the time to greive. There is absolutely nothing wrong with crying and feeling down. You've lost someone very dear to you, it hurts. Let yourself feel that hurt and get it out of your system.

    One thing that has helped me in the past is to start a journal, write about how you feel each day, and write one positive story/thought/memory about the deceased person, whether it be a funny memory of a time you spent together, how you always loved and appreciated his or her sense of style, etc...

    You may also want to make a memorial in their memory. For me, when I lost my aunt, I planted a garden dedicated to her - using all her favorite plants in red and purple hues (her favorite colors), and flowers that attracted butterflies, which she loved. Now every spring/summer I go out in the garden, tend to it, and remember the great times we had together, and think about her watching over me, smiling at the lovely garden planted in her memory.

    Do something to honor your lost friend, and do allow yourself the time to feel the pain that comes when you lose someone you love.


    • It is a shock and it is ok to cry and feel down. It is part of the grieving process. Do something to celebrate your friends life.

      The crying is part of feeling powerless over the loss of your friend - and questioning how precious life is yours and everyone else you love. Live life and celebrate with those closest to you.

      Take time each day to honor your friend and help heal your heart.

      so sorry for your loss


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