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not sure my medicidine is working?

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  • not sure my medicidine is working?

    hey all, I've been wondering what i should do about my current mood/feeling lately. I've just noticed I've been more edgy and agitated from even little issues and been nitpicking at everything and everyone been starting fights and just plan annoyed. I been taking Effoxer Xr 150 mg for 8 years now. I have general anxiety disorder and depression.Just noticed recently with new stresses in my life.My moms new husband moving in to.As in my home life feeling unbalanced and some current relationship stresses (fighting alot with fiance). I don't think my medicine is working or not? Either i need new meds or my life is stressing me out too much and i need to change my meds or current situation in my life. i think I might want to talk to my doctor and see what he thinks. Before when I'd feel overwhelmed and anxiety ridden i'd take my pill and feel good like myself again. I hate feel all round up and tense. I just want to feel like myself again and just let things go and be happy. Like I'm obsessing and worrying about things much. Like I would before but I'd be able to let things go and not worry now I'm constantly obsessing about worries and the what ifs and noticed things are just alot more annoying than usual. My mom says I am acting like i did when i was younger. Like having an attitude and no ones wants to be around me. I don't like how to acts and says stuff like that. She's supposed to support me I hate that she doesn't really support me but rather sees me as a problem. It hurts me alot. Like I was a miserable teenager. Just needing a change in my life. I am not sure where to get the change from? Not sure what would make me happy? Just want to feel like myself again and not feel so miserable and unhappy? Should i talk to my doctor? I am also concerned about what i should consider being i have a blood clotting called Factor 5 Leiden disorder. I've found out i was diagnosed 6 years ago. I've also been doing research on different drugs online. Thinking which one is right for me. Can anyone relate to me or have any ideas about what might be the best move for my mental state? Thanks a bunch in advance
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  • Have you tried Meditation? Meditation might help calm your mind and relax you so you don't feel so stressed out. Exercise and diet would help with the anxiety too. If you are worrying alot a walk might help clear your mind. Are you getting enough sleep - keep your sugar and caffine in check - sometimes when we are getting stressed out we add more garbage to our body instead of something good. If all else fails write it all out to get to the root of the anxiety

    I would also speak to your dr if this persist's


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