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Do i need a therapist or counselor if so whats the difference?

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  • Do i need a therapist or counselor if so whats the difference?

    hey All! If everyone/anyone knows and has read posts by me then they know about my home life struggle and how overwhelmed i feel at home and trying to get out more the emotional feeling of dealing with my fiancé's gambling problem. He's been clean almost 2 months. Which I am very proud of. However it's taken alot of tole on our relationship as well as some other small issues. I'm trying to be Strong for him but i need someone to be strong for me. I mean my boyfriend tries to be there but. however lately we've been fighting I'm not sure why and it's making me sad. I think i just need to talk to someone? I will feel happier and less angry and annoyed. Or maybe i need to try couples counseling? I'm not sure.Any ideas? I"m enrolling in school in the summer going to try to get into business and get a part time job. That will help me get out more like I've stated in some last posts. However whats lately been getting to me is left with all the housework and chores on my own including inside/outside work. It's really starting to take the fun out of my life. Also making me really unahppy and being put down. Really has made me resent myself sometimes. anyways thats all i have to say..
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  • each to their own

    Hi sarahlee20,

    I always say that if you think you want to talk to someone, then you should. I don't know if you're in the US or UK so my answer may be confusing as I only know the UK system! Hopefully someone else will reply and help if you're after a US answer!

    I have had counsellors and a therapist, and I can safely say that I got the most out of my therapist who I unfortunately have moved 400 miles away from! But be aware that every single professional you speak to will be different, will ask different questions, and will relate to you differently. I've had counsellors who merely listen, another who asked questions and sympathised, and another who I constantly felt was judging me for the things I said. Only you can know who to speak to once you've met them. And it is fine to meet them and then say you want to look at other options. Most will offer a first chat without signing up to anything, others will want you to commit to a certain number of sessions.

    My feeling is that therapists are more probing into the deeper causes of feelings/thoughts/desires (they're certainly more expensive-but totally worth it!). However, different therapists will be specialist in different things. Mine had a background in hypnotherapy and relationship counselling.

    If you can't find someone through your family doctor/clinic, my advice is find someone in the community. Some churches have pastoral care workers or counsellors who are happy to speak to anyone, no matter what their faith is. Some will ask for payment, some won't.

    But definately go and speak to someone. If only to clear your head and clarify things for your own sake. Good luck!


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