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Depressed in Belize

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  • Depressed in Belize

    living here in belize now for 3 years have been horrible on my mental health . I moved here with my husband and my kids to run our business and remodel our homes . learning hard lessons along the way like people taking advantage when your new to a country, small town gossip and the poverty around belize is overwelming My marriage has been destroyed here yet I can't leave belize I pray and pray to win the lotto ok I know that not reality but I do pray for courage I have 3 small kids ages 6 3 and 2 I try very hard for them not to see me cry and depressed but its hard Help!!!
    Belmex Julia

  • What you've desribed about Belize sounds very accurate to what I have read about it. The culture is very different. What happened to your marriage?
    "Be what you're looking for."


    • Hi Julia, it I guess was a management decision to increase your wealth but after 3 years, that doesn't appear to have happened.

      What business did you both start and was it a joint decision?

      You say you can't leave there, but in reality, maybe there are choices you both haven't found, looked into, you made this choice 3 years ago, if it's not working and it's not beneficial maybe there are other choices..



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