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When do I come off my antidepressant?

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  • When do I come off my antidepressant?

    Here is a little background:
    When I was 15 I was diagnosed with depression and put on Zoloft (an SSRI) and was on it for several years (I think 8) and gained a significant amount of weight (60lbs!!) and I know not ALL of it was due to the antidepressant, and due to my lifestyle. I tried changing my lifestyle, but it seemed my weight wouldn't budge, so I went and talked to my doctor about going off of it. I started going off of it, and anoticed my depression coming back, and I had already discussed with him that I wanted to lose weight, so he put me on Wellbutrin XL, and over the last 2 1/2 years, I've lost almost all the 60 lbs and then some!!

    I started on the birth control pill in February 2010 because I met my current boyfriend. It just made me have such horrible mood swings and anxiety, I finally was fed up and got off of it in the beginning of August. When I stopped, the anxiety got SOOO much worse, that I HAD to do something. So I went to see my doctor and she put me on Celexa for the anxiety (another SSRI) and said I should be on it for at least 6 months (I am still taking the WEllbutrin since its working out for me). I plan to stay on it for 6 months, which means only till February 2011, but I guess my question is:

    I've heard Anxiety can be caused by going on or off the birth control pill (and i NEVER had anxiety issues until I started the pill, i swear)...so now that I've had several cycles and all hormones should be adjusted back to normal, do you think it would be okay to come off in February and not have the anxiety return? It's not depression, because there is a difference, so I'm not worried about that. I just never experienced anxiety until I went on/off the pill.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!

  • I should also mention that since I have been put on the current SSRI (Celexa) I have gained a good 10 lbs!!! I have maintained my weight and kept losing for YEARS before this!!


    • I swear every time I post something I need help with it's unmarked as new and people don't look at it! URGH!!!!!


      • Go back to your PCP and express your dissatisfaction with Celexa and weight gain. Docs are programmed, encouraged, enticed to try the newest drug when they are introduced as they are so heavily pushed by the pharma reps. There are so many other proven antidepressants with limited or few side effects.

        As for your anxiety, there are meds strictly to address anxiety too. "Cocktailing" antidepressants works for some and has negative results with others.

        I have an antidepressant that I take every day (I've tried at least ten different ones over the last twenty five years or so) and I have an anti anxiety drug that is pretty fast acting that I take as needed.

        I have zero interest in sharing my medical history in this forum but would be happy to help you, by sharing my life experiences and the drugs I've used and why, one on one, if you're interested.

        Just be sure that whatever you do, you don't stop your SSRI "cold turkey" and you NEVER take an SSRI with a MAOI .


        • No I would never do that. I was on zoloft for a long time and remember what it was like weaning off. I guess I am just asking if people think my body would be adjusted back by now due to what the pill had done to me?


          • You should be okay by February with not having any anxiety related to coming off the bc but that does not mean that the anxiety cannot come back due to a different stressor (ie coming off of Celexa).
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