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Everyones Either Pregnant or has a newborn...:(

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  • Everyones Either Pregnant or has a newborn...:(

    I never ever got a chance to get pregnant.And it brings such tears to my eyes.
    I saw 5 exspecting women and about 4 teenagers with infants..How am I supose to feel
    with health issues that prevented me from ever conceiving.It's hard to accept that I won't
    have any.I just at least had hoped one day to experience pregancy. But hoped oh soo wrong..
    I will finish crying my eyes out and be alone.

  • im sorry huny, i cant imagine what your going thorugh....im actually 20 and misscarried 2 days ago at 6 weeks prego...so im deling with my loss...but befor that i thought i couldnt get pregnant....im sry ...i meen have you ever thought of adopting...i meen i know the experiance has to be qiut different but it will bless you with a child keep your head up and stay strong.


    • Look for ways in which you can give love to all those whom don't have parents, the opposite of you....because in that you'll have a World of babies, that need a Mummy...

      I know that sounds strange, but think about it... Imagine, those un-loved children, who need you...and what that can give you back in return.....

      Foster children
      World Vision

      Never, say never...



      • Dont feel this way, like CW said, never say never, you can still adopt a child that needs you..like those in haiti, they lost there moms...brothers...fathers..and there all alone, you can help save one, you can save his/her life and make him happy and he/she can make yours brighter, and trust me the sun will shine brighter when you do .

        Dont feel bad or anything about this, a friend of mine is just like you, shes married and they adopted a kid...whos blind..its really touching story, and you can imagine how happy they are together, in time the child has grown more and more and its all thanks to them, She didnt give up, and I know you wont either.

        Stay Positive, God bless ^_____________^


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