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Dizzy and Lightheaded. What's going on?

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  • Dizzy and Lightheaded. What's going on?

    So I started my job as Walmart cashier back in December of 2010 (December 15th to be exact). I've been there 2 months and a couple days and a few weeks ago, out of nowhere I started feeling dizzy and lightheaded and it was really hard to concentrate on working. I noticed it happened a lot in my morning shifts, especially the early morning ones where I'd have to be there at 7AM but today it was pretty bad even when I went in at 9:30 AM.

    I was telling one of my coworkers about it who had something similar happen to her as well though she has some problems with her glucose levels or something like that, I don't remember. She told me one day that she felt so bad that a customer (who happened to be a doctor) had bought cookies and noted how pale she was and actually opened up the package and gave her one, regardless of her not able to eat at the register.

    I've done multiple things. I've tried eating more, my sleeping hasn't changed much though I try to get as much sleep as possible. I carry a huge water bottle with me all the time. Today I even bought a few sugary things (tic tacs and a candy bar to be exact) to see if maybe my sugar was low but even now, about an hour and a half after getting off work I'm still lightheaded. I told my dad about it and he has diabetes as well as my fiance's mom and both say to get it looked at but I want some ideas first on what this possibly could be? Should I mention something to my manager or wait till I know for sure what it is?

    Any help/advice is appreciated. Thanks for any and all replies!

  • When I feel dizzy/lightheaded periodically, it usually turns out to be fluid on my eardrums. That's more common for people with allergies (like me).

    Could it be diabetes? Yes.
    Could it be your blood pressure? Yes.
    Could it be vertigo? Yes

    IF you are diabetic, eating sugary things is certainly not the answer to it. Even if you're hypoglycemic (like me) eating sugary things is not the answer. Eating a well balanced nutritious diet with plenty of protein and fiber, is.

    If it is any of the above, the hours in which you work won't really make a difference. Healthy habits and proper medicine (if needed) will though. I would focus more on going to the doctor to get it checked out before I"d worry about talking to the mgr. If it turns out to be diabetes or blood pressure, yes, your mgr needs to at least know about it in case anything ever happens while you're at work.
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    • As far as I know I am not diabetic, those are just things people I know with diabetes told me. My cousin of mine suggested iron supplements but I’m not going to do that till I see my doctor, whenever that will be with my schedule all messed up as it is. I do suffer from allergies, have often woken up with one side of my nose burning though that happens randomly as well.

      Medication wise I take 3 things. I take a multivitamin and an acid reflux pill in the morning (prilosec or prevacid) and then my birth control pill at night before I go to bed. Very rarely do I need to take any pain medications like Ibuprofen or anything like that. I do my best to stay away from the bad food stuffs though I usually bring my meal to work with me.

      I will go to the doctor and see what they say. My dad doesn’t think it’s blood sugar stuff but who knows. I’m almost 21 and yea, life is just crazy stressed out right now. My coworker asked if maybe I was overwhelmed or something but I don’t think so. Walmart isn't exactly the calmest place to work and yes, it does get overly stressing but i'm not sure if that is the factor or not which I am doubting.


      • Not feeling to bad today though I didn't have to be awake super early or anything like that. Guess we will see what happens tonight when I go to work.


        • The last couple of days it seems that I've been okay. I also forgot to mention in my top post that once i'm home and regardless of all the water I drink at work, all I want is water. It's like I can't get enough of it even after i've been drinking it all day. Is that normal or what's going on?


          • It sounds like you probably need to get a glucose tolerance testing done. If diabetes runs in the family, and weight is an issue, you are definitely a candidate for Type II diabetes (possibly even Type I). The glucose tolerance testing will show that one way or the other. Increased thirst is a symptom of diabetes.
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            • Originally posted by Winged_Muse View Post
              The last couple of days it seems that I've been okay. I also forgot to mention in my top post that once i'm home and regardless of all the water I drink at work, all I want is water. It's like I can't get enough of it even after i've been drinking it all day. Is that normal or what's going on?
              That's a sign of dehydration, your body isn't processing the fluids. Yes, it is a sign of diabetes, but it's also a sign of other things.

              Definately try and get your glucose checked.

              If I were to guess, if there is a possibility of diabetes, I'd venture to say it would be Type II. I would however change that if there are some of the other signs of Type I and a very high level. Loss of hair, urinating very frequently, changes is mood are other signs that one's blood sugar levels are way too high. The flip side of this and where this may be another avenue is that your blood sugar level is actually too low. That could easily cause the lightheadedness. I know it does that to me.

              But, as with everyone else, you need to have it checked.


              • My fiance's mom actually told me that is how she found out she was diabetic because she would come home and be thirsty like crazy. I don't know how it would be dehydration though when I carry a huge water bottle with me everyday. I've also NEVER had this problem until I started working and even then it didn't happen right away. I've only been there 2 months and a few days and it didn't start happening until about the middle of those two months (if that makes sense). Weight isn't much of an issue although i'd like to be 50 pounds lighter. Most of my weight has come on by my Birth Control pills and i'm doing my best to loose it. As far as urinating frequently, it's no more than usual. Change in mood, eh, a little but that's only because when I get home i'm tired and just want to relax instead of being up and about more especially since my feet get horribly sore from standing all day long. Definately no loss of hair. I've got A LOT of hair and haven't noticed it falling out at all.

                I will do my best to try and get into the doctor if I ever have the time. Might go to my manager one of these days and be like hey, I need to cut it back a little bit. I'm working about 33 hours a week now and that's been pretty normal the last couple of weeks, before that I was only getting 25-29 but now it's been upped. Trying to find a different job right now that may be less demanding so to speak I guess? Trying to find something in my career field in which I have a degree with but it's hard. I'll see what I can do with getting into the doctor's office.


                • Quick response,

                  That was one of the signs that my step son was diabetic. He'd drink water like crazy but was urinating alot (note, very strong sugary smell) and when he went to the dr, his blood sugar level was extremely high and he was very dehydrated. His body was using all the water to flush the sugars from his body and not using it to hydrate it.


                  • My Family has a history of Type I Diabetes, all on my Fathers side. All are deceased now .. But In my late 20's I also had the Dizziness and sometimes the room would actually seem to spin.

                    I went to se an Endocrinologist for a Thyroid and Glucose test.

                    I had a 5 hour test, fasting after midnight and being at the Dr's at 8 am. Drank the Glucose and within 40 minutes I was out in a " Coma " that lasted 6 hours. My glucose level went to 32. They tested every half hour until they woke me as I was coming out of the coma. ** Note this whole time I was monitored **.

                    I was diagnosed with AGT ( abnormal Glucose tolerance ) and SRHG ( Severe Reactive hypoglycemia ) meaning my reaction to Sugars ( Carbs included) went all over the chart, but feel into lows.

                    I then had to change my diet drastically. I had to super Protein with limited carbs, like Pasta,Bread,Potato's , Rice and of course Sugars. This took allot out of my " Normal " eating habits.

                    I became a egg/meat/ poultry/fish / Legume ( Beans,lentiles,peanuts, other nuts, ) veggies and most fruits, and cheese.
                    The key is that if you want to have Pasta for dinner or potato's or a bread. You have to start the day with Proteins. Also eat 4- 6 small meals a day. This is for Diabetic's also.

                    But what I found was more important was What I ate and When.

                    Breakfast 8 am,

                    Eggs scrambled or fried or an omelet with ham & cheese and a glass of milk. ( No Orange Juice as it's instant Carb and Sugar also No toast or Cereal )
                    So as just an example this was my meals for a day.

                    10-11 am. A Banana or some cheese cubes/ wedges and some Celery with peanut butter ( low sugar type) Glass of Water or unsweetened apple juice or Cranberry or Grape juice.

                    Lunch noon -1:00 pm
                    Sliced ( store bought ) or home cooked Ham,Turkey, Roast Beef or a store bought or homemade salad ( Veggie one ) Cottage Cheese or Yogurt and water or juice or a V~8.

                    2-3 pm Snack
                    Peanuts or nuts or a mixed " fruit / nut salad " This I made at home by taking a few mixed nuts and adding sliced apples, some grapes,peaches or fruit of the season) and mixing it with Low sugar whipped cream. Or I'd have some cottage cheese with pineapple.

                    5 -6 pm .
                    Woo Hoo Pig out Dinner time
                    Anything I wanted but all pasta,bread,rice,potato dishes had to be a small portion accompanied with all the Steak, Chicken, Pork chops, Fish I wanted. And even a small desert.
                    Night snack usually 8 pm
                    Sugar free Jello, Ice cream, a few chocolate chip cookies (real ones from store)..

                    This is just a sample of things that I started out with. But within two weeks my Glucose leveled out and stabilized I felt better had more energy and stamina. And for over 20 years I have not had that dizzy or light headiness unless I missed a meal or Snack or Just pigged out on the " Sweet stuff " lol

                    Seriously you need to be tested and go from there . Also my thyroid was a little low the first year, but is normal now. I still have weight issues, I have a hard time gaining weight when I lose it from Illness like the flu.

                    But Hey, not many people worry alot about Gaining a few pounds like I do .. I need to gain not lose, But it's healthier for me to be in my 125lbs at 5'7 then to be 50 lbs over or under .. lol


                    • Pretzel,
                      Thanks for the quick response. I don’t urinate often, at least I don’t think I do. I go a few times in the morning but I usually have a few hours in between me getting up and going to work. Then I’ll have one break about 2 hours into my shift and I’ll use the bathroom then and then I’ll have lunch two hours later and I usually use it then as well and then on my last break. Then again you do have to figure that I drink a lot of water during the day so that is bound to happen and it doesn’t have a sugary smell at all. It’s been slightly more yellow than usual but other than that, that’s all.

                      Baby Girl,
                      Thanks for the response as well. I will definitely get it checked out whenever I find the time. With this schedule of mine it is impossible to find the time to actually get a doctors appointment made. I am off Monday of next week (I think), maybe I will get one then and see what’s going on. I’ve gotta say though, my doctor is terrible. She’ll probably just go through the tests and then prescribe me some sort of medication (they’re good at doing that) but we’ll see. I’ve been less than happy with my previous doctor visits and we can’t switch docs since my dad’s insurance thing changed and that’s probably one of the few places it covers. I’ll see what happens though and let you all know.

                      I had a 10:30AM-6:30PM shift today and I got pretty dizzy and lightheaded around my first break which I had around ooh, I’d say 12:15ish maybe. I had eaten breakfast and everything before going to work and stuff so I’m not sure. Nothing seems to help me at all either, not even if I pop some tic tacs or something. Water doesn’t help either. Only seems to happen when I’m standing. If I’m sitting down I’m okay and then after I eat lunch I seem to be fine. I’m really not sure. I really don’t want to become diabetic. My dad is the only one in my family that I know of that is, at least on his side and I’m not sure what Type he is but he’s not exactly the best eater or anything even though he tries his best.

                      I’ll keep you guys updated. I really appreciate the replies.


                      • I'm sure some of you remember me posting about this lightheaded/dizzy problem. Well, it hasn't changed much and has caused me to call in from work about 3 times now. I finally went in to the doc today and honestly, they found absolutely nothing. They drew blood and I'll know the results tomorrow but other than that all she did was look at my throat and in my ears and then prescribe me motion sickness pills that have made me drowsy (took one and i'm tired now). So we won't know anything until tomorrow. I left work early last night due to me being dizzy and called in today since when I woke up and tried to stand I had to hold on to my bed otherwise i would have fallen over. I drink plenty of fluids, mostly water with the occasional green tea or something but not often. So yea, I just figured i'd update you all since I haven't in a while.


                        • Found the source. I'm going in to change my birth control pills today


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