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  • Please read and help!

    Hi everyone This is a pretty long story but I need advice and some help. I am 24 years old and Iam married and have 2 children. I have a son who is 4 years old and a girl who is 5 weeks old. I am a very hyper person. Always have been people say I am very high strong personality.

    Well my story starts back in December of 09. I was sick with resportory infection and I went to the doctor at school (I am in college to become a social worker) and she gave me a steroid shot it was on a thursday. That friday I had to go back to get a breathing treatment . My sister came with me and all of suden when I was heading up there I felt like I couldnt breathe and I started freaking out. When I got to the doc. office they immediately brought me to the back. They were making me breathe into a rag because this is a school campus so they dont have much equpment or anything. it took about 3 hrs to calm me down and my sister called my husband because I was a nervous wreck.

    The Doctor told me to go to the emergency room to get x rays so we went and they ga ve me some more steroids but it was pills well i did not take them. That night I couldnt sleep or eat.The next morning I was real red in my chest area and face. I stayed real nervous and crying and could not eat or sleep. Sunday was the same. On Monday I was breaking down I could sit I was cryinhg panicking have not slept for days or eaten. I went and seen my preacherand he couldnt calm me down and he told me to go to the doctor.

    i went to this doctor and I didnt tell him I had a steriod shot so he thought I was having a nervous breakdown. So he prescribed me Lexapro. I was scared to take it. But I did take it. (I am very scared of medicines always have been). So I still couldnt sleep or eat. I am a very small person I lost 10lbs during that week and did not sleep for 5days. I could take care of my son I was a wreck. I felt like everything was spiining , I couldnt think , I was keeeping a rag by me so if I started like I couldnt breathe I would put that on my face.

    So Finally the doctor sent me to a psychiartist. So when I went to the psy. He told me that steroids induces psychosis and manic behavior. He also told me to stay on the lexapro and he gave me zanax because he said I had aniexty and panic attacks . Well I would take the zanax because I was scared of it. The lexapro made me sleep all the time and I was not getting better. I quit going to school. I was scared to leave my house or drive or even be alone. Well after about 3 months he put me on pristiq a differnt type of anti depressant. I kept telling him I was not getting better. That I thought I needed counseling and he told me he didnt think so.

    Well everything pretty much stayed the same for about a year. Then I got pregnant and I told the psy. and he told me to stay on the meds and my obgyn doctor told me to get off. I decided to get off as best as I could. I quit going to the psy. and started going to counseling. I only took and still to this day 50miligrams every 3 days. I stared feeling a lil better. My husband hated me on the meds because he said it was like I wasnt there. So the counselor told me she thought I had ptsd(post tramatic stress disorder ) because of the steriod shot. My finaces were not doing well and I felt guilty to my son because I could not be there for him like I wanted to. Well I always think I am nuts and going to end up in a menatl institution. I dont do anything like go anywhere unless my huspand or someone is with me and I do not go far from home. I have progressed some in thne past year like I take online classes at school. I clean some houses but they are close to where I live.

    So i had my baby 5 weeks ago and I started thinking I had post pardum depression. But I got better. I always think I have psychotic behavior for some reason and I really dont even know what that means but my counselor says i dont have it. She also dont think I need any anti depressent but I think I need something I cant keep staying like this. I constantly think weird thoughts and I dwell on mythoughts all the time and every day I am thinking how scared I am. So one of mythought I had last night was crazy and it did not make sense but it scared me. I was up feeding the baby at 2 am and i put her to sleep and I was laying down and I started thinking that if the sun ever quit shining everyone would freak out .I do not know y I thought that and I know the sun is not going to quit shinning but I gotscared andf woke my husband up (who has narcolepsy) and then I went to sleep.

    I woke up this morning and was crying because I have all this fear and I feel scared and I am scared I will never be th same. My husband told me that I need fun in my life. I dont know what fun is anymore. I quit going places with friends, I dont have any hobbies because i dont know what I like anymore. I know I love my kids and they need me and I need them. Also anything about the freaks me out. And I dont know why. I feel like Im trap and always scared. I am constantly worring about something. I dont know what to do anymore. My thoughts are always on my miond every question I always have is why .

    Im sorry so long and there is much more can someone please give me some advice or if anyone has experience anything like this. Sorry for the mispelled words and grammer. I always have racing thoughts about so much
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  • I also wanted to add that my counselor says the pristiq never helped me either


    • How long have you been this way?
      Did it start with the steroid shot?


      • I have always been anixous . I did have some panic attacks when I was younger but it all stop. After the steriod I got like this.


        • You need a Doctor that knows what he/she is doing you have a fear of any drugs and if one reacts then you fear taking something different and worse, you fear telling people what you were described, which you can not do, always tell Doctors what you have taken.

          I would say the steriods caused a serious problem but if you haven't suffered from anxiety for years why take medication now? Let the steriods completely get out of your system, when you feel anxcious take three deep breathes slowly..

          Find a Doctor and be honest with them and tell them any ingredients in the steriods you react to so any medication they decide to give you, can't have those ingredients and google is your friend, google the medication ....



          • CW- I got the steroid shot almost 2 years ago so I think it might be out my system. What do you think I need to do as for a doctor? should I go to a family doctor or a psycharist.? I am not scared to tell the doctors what medcines I have taken I think I must have probably wrote that wrong . I wonder why I think like I do? Is that crazy or am I crazy? I just dont understand what happen to me.


            • A medical doctor is the place to start. You must provide to him the complete history of treatments, and effects.
              Only then he will be able to assess your situation.
              The effects of steroids on emotions, and a cause of depression has been largely documented, including some tragic incidents.
              For your own sake, consult.

              Good luck !
              Behold the presence of the Father in all beings...


              • A steroid taken 2 years ago is long gone out of the system. Events happening now are because of events happening now. Doctors will diagnose only when there is something to diagnose and if it is a mental issue going on then it should be looked at by a psychiatrist or a psychologist.
                There are those who believe that dictionaries should not merely reflect the times but also protect English from the mindless assaults of the trendy.


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