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  • Dreams

    This thread has prolly already been done, so I appologies

    I have very vivid dreams, ever since i was a kid. Aswell, ive been very intrested in meanings of dreams. I used to have a dream dictionary, and I used to write them down.

    My dreams are usally so realistic. I love to dream. Colours are so vivid, I feel such emotions, I can see numbers and letters, and alot of times they are in diffrent places Ive never been before/.

    My mum says her dreams are diffrent. Im not sure exactally how they are, but I know she cant see letters or numbers. She says they are just a blur. She also says her dreams are always in places shes seen, or been.

    Ive also heard that alot of people dream in black and white. Ive only ever had one dream in black and white, and it was the only dream that it rained in. It was a dream my mother died. This was when I was 15 or so.

    Also, my BF and a few of my friends cant rember most of their dreams. Does anyone know why I can rember dreams from my child hood, and they cant rember last nights dream?

    Does anyone have diffrent aspects of their dreams they think may be diffrent from others..


    Does anyone know why people have dreaming abilities (like brain function and what not)

  • While you sleep the memory storage system of your brain shuts off short term memory and puts memories that happened recently in to long term memory storage. That prevents most people from remembering their dreams except the occasional one while they are starting to wake up. However not everyone's brain shuts everything down fully and people who want to lucid dream (knowledge you are dreaming and ability to control dreams while asleep) will practice remembering dreams until they train their brain to remain active enough to allow lucid dreaming. Same with numbers and letters. Most people's brains shut down the section that can recall or recognize numbers and letters but that is not true for everyone and the people who train their brains for lucid dreaming also often gain the ability to activate those sections of the brain normally shut down. People who watched tv in black and white are likely to dream in black and white.

    Personally due to my weird sleeping problems that no one understands I was lucid dreaming 8-12hrs of the day in only stage 1 sleep (there are 4 stages of sleep only the last few are restful sleep) for about 8 years until I started medication. I was soooo sick of lucid dreaming and remembering my dreams. Being aware of your mind being active 24/7 gets tiring. Usually by the end of the night I'd given up trying to do anything interesting with my dreams and just go "boring, cancel it, next" wait to see what my subconscious comes up with next and whether it was interesting enough or not. I am unbelievably happy that my sleeping meds stop me from being aware of most of my dreams. My consciousness and memory needs a break part of the day. I can remember things from before I was 3 years old but I can't remember much in the 8 years between onset of sleeping issues and start of taking medication. My brain and the memory storage system malfunctioned from improper and too little sleep.


    • As a child, I had dreams like you, vivid, very colourful, at Easter I could literally see white bunnies running across a field of the most brightest, greenest grass.

      Like you as I got older I remember parts of my dreams when I wake pending on how I wake, sometimes a glimps and it fades I can not remember any of it.

      I think as children we even see "an imaginary friend" we are mean't to see but as we grow older it goes away, only those whom what to work with this can make this happen.

      Try finding a place that belongs to you... a white two storey house, a cat running up to you, forests and beautiful flowers, visualise that as you go to sleep see if you can see all those colours again as you drift off to sleep.

      I think alot has got to do personally, sorry with new souls here seeing what they see when they are not here on this Earth to remind them of where they have just been but they are here on Earth and so they have to live on "the Earth" and all that stands for.

      I may use this post


      • Have you heard of lucid dreaming? If you're not doing this already, it sounds like you'd pick up on it very easily.

        Lucid dreaming is realizing you're in a dream while having it. It happens often to children, and then as adults I think it happens less just because we don't care as much about even remembering our dreams in the first place.

        I love to lucid dream. I still do it, and each time I have one, I wake up pumped with adrenaline... If your subconscious can create such vivid colors and numbers and magic... just think what your subconscious and CONSCIOUS can do in a dream, working together.

        There are techniques to help increase the chances of becoming lucid each night. For example each time I'm use the bathroom, I pinch my nose and try to breathe. If I can't breathe, I know I'm awake.

        And so whenever I dream I'm in a bathroom, I pinch my nose and voila, I can breathe. Means I'm dreaming. Usually it takes me a while to come to terms with that, like "Wait, this is actually a dream?? It can't be!!" But once I do, it's like a big roller-coaster, magical adventure.

        Why waste 8 hours each day, of your life. DREAM!


        • Thought I'd share my nightmare from night before last given the topic.

          I've always had this fear of getting into my crawl space, afraid someone would shut me in there and I'd be trapped. Due to some home issues, I had to spend two evenings in a row in and out of my crawl space. I felt good about it, like I had overcome this fear. But Tuesday night, I woke up sweating, heart racing, standing in my bedroom floor. I dreamed I was in my crawl space and someone had shut me in. It was dark, and the only light was coming through a vent on the side of the house (in reality, I was standing in front of my bedroom window). I first tried to push the top off the crawl space, but quickly realized that with a fractured arm I just couldn't do it. I actually felt the pain of my arm. And then right as I was about to start screaming for help.....I caught a glimpse of the clock on my tv cable box. After a few seconds of confusion, I realized I was dreaming and that I was in fact, in my own bedroom. I laid back down in my bed, heart pounding so hard I thought I was having a panic attack, sweat beaded up on my face........and a BIG sigh of relief. My dog was laying in the bed looking at me with a "Huh?" look on her face. Lol
          "Be what you're looking for."


          • Lol Beautiful Disaster. I dont think Ive ever sleep walked before. (Key word think lol) I have sit up straight with my eyes open talking before though. My mum told me about this.

            I cant control my dreams. Well thats a lie, sometimes near the end of a really good dream and im half asleep half awake I can contol it. But It seems like I use so much energy too. When I wake up Im super tired.

            Im not sure If I would want to control my dreams.. Like that movie Inception. I dont think Id enjoy being a creator. I like to go along for the ride.

            Also, I can day dream. I did this alot in school, but not so much now. I gues I "Gap out" and have these .. dreams ... I guess. Very vivid once again. I would totaly tune out the teacher and everything around me. I know my eyes were open becaue I never got confronted about it or anything lol.

            I love to dream. I rarley have bad dreams. And when I do. They are horrible. Usally about ghosts and spirits. And I usally hope they are just dreams and not a ghost or spirt trying to get into my head :S:S


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