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living in an alternate universe

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  • living in an alternate universe

    recently, ive been having trouble separating what is real life and what isnt. for example, my boyfriend and i are going to a wedding in a few weeks, and one of the women in the bridal party is someone he really liked before me. she had a boyfriend who she wouldnt break up with, but she told MY boyfriend she was in love with him and he pursued her very intensely, before eventually giving up because she wouldnt leave her bf. they never slept together, and she only tried to kiss him once, but for some reason its driving me nuts. i know hes not interested in her anymore, but he did still have slight feelings for her when he and i first met (which disappeared entirely in a few weeks of knowing me, thank god). but what is bugging me is i am imagining what would happen if he and i broke up before the wedding. she is single now, and if he and i broke up, he would be single too. this would be the first time they were reunited since all this happened. and he would talk to her, and perhaps there would be a spark still there, any maybe they would kiss or sleep together even. again, this is all in an alternate universe because my boyfriend and i are in love and this woman poses no threat to me or my relationship. but for some reason, im feeling resentment for him knowing that if we were to break up, he would talk to her. what can i do to stop living in this alternate universe? its not fair for me to take my anger for something that hasnt or wont happen out on my boyfriend. help

  • Take a deep breath and think about ANYTHING else other than these what-ifs. I've been there, and it's hard to put the pictures out your head, but you have to do anything you can to try.
    When do you start thinking about this? Work, bedtime? Downtime? If it's the latter two, try to busy yourself during the day. Exercise until you're tired. I like knitting while watching TV. The wedding will pass, but this bad habit needs to go away forever!
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    • but she told MY boyfriend she was in love with him and he pursued her very intensely, before eventually giving up because she wouldnt leave her bf
      To you it sounds like Romeo and Juliet..

      To him, he knows he was played In my opinion, after meeting you the realisation set in that she was what we in Aussie land call a prk teaser...

      It's a natural thing to visualize, dream even "what if"... And, it's only because she is now single. This is your turn to shine The cat got the cream, you are beautiful anyway but walk with your head high and smile in the knowing that what she turned down, is yours...

      There is a reason though why past is past and present is present...


      • Little
        "what if"...
        See the what if's don't rule


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