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Night terrors haunting me to extreme levels

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  • Night terrors haunting me to extreme levels

    Here's a little background on the subject:

    Since I was a little girl I have slept walked and had vivid, scary dreams. it used to be so bad that my parents had to deadbolt doors so I couldn't get out...once I tried to start my mom's car in the garage while sleeping. Sometimes I'd wake up my brother, whose room was next to mine, by clawing on the wall and crying. He'd wake me up and console me.

    Now that I'm older though, I feel my dreams have taken on an even scarier aura if that's possible. I have night terrors, which are more realistic and more extreme than nightmares. I get these every single night, and it's absolutely terrible. For example, last night I had a dream that I had this friend who hung out with me all the time, but one day he wasn't able to so I went to his house. It turned out his dad abused him and his mom, and locked them up because his mom tried to escape. Oh, and he cut off the mom's leg for trying to leave, too. I went into the house to save my friend and I saw the mom without her leg, slowly bleeding to death and possibly going insane. She chopped off her ring finger, then started decapitating herself until she died. Me and my friend were horrified and tried to leave, but the dad started chasing us in the woods behind his house with a gun. He then caught my friend and was about to kill him when I woke up, a nervous, shaking wreck.

    Now that I've properly disturbed you all, can you see why I'm scared to sleep? Why am I plagued by these terrors? Can anyone who has had them or knows someone who has point me in a direction I can go to help reduce them? I obviously don't sleep well, wake up more tired than when I went to bed, and have bags under my eyes. This has to stop, or I'm going to lose it!

  • Go to a doctor and see what he recommends. Also, possibly search on the internet about herbal formulas that will help you sleep without dreaming or will make your dreams less vivid.
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    • Also, possibly search on the internet about herbal formulas that will help you sleep without dreaming or will make your dreams less vivid.
      Just a reminder, if this route is taken a person MUST buy them from a certified herbalist in a herbal or holistic health shop. DO NOT buy online, there is much greater chance of someone actually landing themselves in the hospital after buying online herbs because the amount of people who actually know what they are selling, and have the education to back it up, are very few and far between.

      Talk with a doctor to see if they have any advice of where to go and what to buy.
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      • I used to have similar problems when I was young, it took the help of a doctor, who prescribed anxiety meds which allowed me to sleep with only very small portions of the dreams.


        • Have you ever joined a group, that specifically discusses this topic? Google Night Terrors Resource Center, it was written by someone whom like you has suffered this and discusses Adult Night Terrors, remembering the full dream and has a chat section as well..

          I always think it's good to find like minded people in situations like this so you can hear other's stories, success etc. But, like It'sASecret has pointed out, do not try any form of medication unless your Doctor subscribes it to you.

          Hope this helps you. I used to sleep walk, and I know when I was really frightened of something as a child, I would have very bad dreams, but this must be exhausting to your mind as well as the fear you would go through each time you go, to go to sleep.

          I know that they can test your brain frequency of thoughts whilst sleeping you may be recommended to try that to, to see if there is a solution to "rest" your brain whilst you sleep

          Best wishes sweet, please let us know how you are going over time.



          • Thanks everyone for helping me out! I definitely will try some herbal remedies before bed (of course like you said, some recommended to me by a doctor!), and then maybe anxiety meds if that doesn't help.

            I have anxiety and panic attacks, and I always kind of wondered if "over-thinking" like I always do makes me have these terrors. However, would an anxiety medicine make me function strangely? I've heard sometimes it changes your personality and makes you less emotional (even the good emotions), and even though I want to sleep well, I don't want to change who I am..

            A sleep study sounds like it would be good, but I have no idea how to go about it. Also, it kinda sounds embarrassing, especially if I sleep walk!!


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