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CBT for anxiety???

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  • CBT for anxiety???

    I have anxiety and have had for as long as I can remember, however after the birth of my child(3 years ago now) it got much much worse.
    I had a horrendous delivery so I think this may have triggered something in me.
    I am a nervous wreck quite a bit, I still have an element of my humour and do enjoy talking to people but if I have a bad day its really really bad and I have to avoid people.

    I want to try and get past this- to date I have had therapy, but I didnt connect with the therapist and couldnt speak honestly so I feel I tiptoed around my issues and insecutities, also I felt I was being judged so i didnt like it,
    and my Dr only wants to prescribe medication which I have refused. Am i silly for this? Should I just give in and give my mind a rest because I am exhausted.
    Every little ache or pain panics me as I will think its something awful! I am generally more jumpy than most people, I am afraid to fly at the moment also as I am too nervous, whereas before I would be going on nice holidays etc so now I feel kinda stuck.
    I know my husband does love me but I imagine theres only so much of that type of stress one can put up it??? and I know I can be a real pain when I am at my worst I get so insecure and ask ridiculous stuff all day - am i ok- do you think this girl is prettier than me .....etc....etc, all total insecure and really draining..
    Not sure if anybody has experienced this but if you have I would appreciate any advice
    Really insecure and a bit down at the moment...todays not a good day.

    any advice???
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  • I have experienced bad anxiety also, and what I found to help was medication. I know you refused in the past, but I guess from MY experience it has helped tremendously. I was put on an SSRI antidepressant, which helps a lot of anxiety. I had it because I went off birth control and it made my anxiety spike with the hormone transition. I was successfully weaned off it after 6 months of treatment. Just because you start a med, doesn't mean you have to be on it forever. Anyway, I am not trying to push the subject of meds, but just letting you know what worked for ME in the past. Also, you're not alone. A lot of people feel the same axiety as you!


    • thanks

      Thanks for your reply
      I do HATE anxiety and absolutely want to rid my self of it - I too am on 'birth control' but I actually go a bit off the rails when I am not on it as opposed when I am .
      Its very mild the one I am on though so maybe it doesnt affect me I really am not sure.
      If meds is the way then I guess I need to look in to it!
      Coz really somedays feeling so down and insecure you could cry really is no fun....no fun at all.
      thanks for your advice


      • therapy absolutely is great
        but it doesnt work that well if you're too anxious to go to it/work at it/deal with the therapist
        i'd suggest taking the meds for a while so you can really work on it in therapy
        and then you can come off them when you get the hang of the therapy techniques.

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        • ^As someone who has weaned off of meds several times, I crash. I tell myself I will use the active coping skills (breathing, yoga, etc), but the depression/anxiety can hinder motivation.

          Medication helps boost up the serotonin to help you effectively cope. To the OP-you can try CBT first and see how you do. If it's still a problem, consider meds.
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          • From a personal and a professional perspective, medication and therapy is extremely helpful! I would do the combination and definitely try some behavior modification tools!


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