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I hate my job...

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  • I hate my job...

    I have for a while now, but they are making more and more changes that involve more work, more stress, and I just want to find something in the field I went to school for. I've tried to tell myself that I should just be happy I have a job, but the thought of staying here much longer makes me physically nauseous. It's wearing me out and really starting to make me depressed. I can feel it. I start to cry (or do cry) at least every other day about this. I don't know what to do. I am trying to get through the next 4-6 months because I know I need to have income coming in till something opens up, but I have NO desire to work anymore. I do just enough to get by and I'm honestly getting to where I don't even want to do that much.

    Just needed to vent.
    [COLOR="Magenta"]If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it.
    -Andy Rooney[/COLOR]

    [COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]It is discouraging how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.--Noel Coward [/COLOR]

    [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Live your life and forget your age. --Norman Vincent Peale[/COLOR]

  • Is there any way you can maybe take a few days off, to unwind or just Vegetate ?
    Maybe a Mini Vacation ?

    You are right hun, you are very lucky to have a job, with our unemployment rate.
    When work starts getting you down, just think of back when you weren't working, less or no money, job searching, the hope of getting a job, then being passed over, the stress of interviews and all that goes with job Hunting.

    There are days i just want to go home and not be working. And I love my job, but I do get " Burn Out " once in awhile..

    Then again , I can look out my Store window, see the Homeless/ Tweekers and Bums, just walking the street or Catching the Bus that passes every 15 minutes for the Downtown Church that serves Meals and gives away Food.

    Then think to myself, that could be me ! Back to work BG, Buckle up and Ride the Work Train.
    I'll stop and get a treat on the way home, for me and the kids, something I know that if I wasn't working , I could not do .


    • Aww. :\ Bleh. I know how this feels, to be in a job you despise going to every day. Fortunately, I'm no longer in that position but I can relate. I know it seems cheesy, and doesn't take away the immediate frustration, but just keep reminding yourself about passing your bar exam....and how NOW you have a true path out of there. It may not happen immediately....but hang in there girl cause it will happen!
      "Be what you're looking for."


      • BG and BD,

        Thanks! I've been making it a point to apply to at least 2-3 jobs every week. I think the knowing that eventually it's going to happen is getting me through for now. I'm also trying to enjoy my relationship and work on other aspects of my life for now to try to take some of the focus off. I just keep telling myself that it's only 3-6 more months. I can do this for 3-6 more months. That seems to help a bit.

        BD, It def helps focusing on the passing of the bar exam. I know that will help open some doors for me.

        Thanks ladies!
        [COLOR="Magenta"]If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it.
        -Andy Rooney[/COLOR]

        [COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]It is discouraging how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.--Noel Coward [/COLOR]

        [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Live your life and forget your age. --Norman Vincent Peale[/COLOR]


        • Well i will have to disagree with the whole "you are very lucky to have a job" mentality.

          Obviously this is not a lucky thing as it is making you miserable. I can relate to this because i was in your exact situation many years ago.

          If you need the money at the moment to pay bills or whatever, that's fine. But, you should be making plans right now. You should be looking for a way out of this nightmare. Your happiness is far, far, far more important than any job. Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.

          The most important decision i have ever made in my life thus far was to leave the job i hated and spend more time searching for what i wanted to do.

          I even went back to college at the ripe old age of 34 to study network administration because i thought it was a better opti0on for me at the time.

          I ended up leaving college because i wasn't enjoying that either. That was a big decision because i felt forced into sticking with it because of my age. I thought that maybe it was just me, maybe i just couldn't be happy in any job. Fortunately i was WRONG, and the decisions i made were RIGHT.

          Now i work online from home. I earn 5 times the amount i did in my old job and i work half the hours.

          My point is this.. If i hadn't of left that job that was killing me slowly, i would have never found the time to seek out other options, and there are always other options.

          Never forget, your HAPPINESS is far more important than anything else in this world.


          • K Girl, quit telling yourself for another "4" months...And, start telling yourself for another "few weeks"..

            You have to believe that you will succeed with another application, that you are sending out weekly, and don't stop.

            If you can work behind a bar (no punt intended ) and earn enough to get you buy as well, then go for that, another-words, apply for anything that will get you by for now.

            I know here, we have so much protection and not so much there, with the workplace.. Can't you tell your boss that he is over-loading you and you are over-whelmed and stressed, is there a way he/she can lighten it just a little?


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