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Anyone know about free online counseling?

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  • Anyone know about free online counseling?

    hello friends,

    I am looking for free online counseling because i don't want spend money on it so anyone know about this free website..you can share ideas here.

  • I see by your previous posts that you suffer from depression. Have you received any previous help in dealing with this? Very often the course of treatment (depending upon the severity and cause of your depression) is simply medication to assist your brain cope. A serotonin uptake inhibitor may be all that is required. It works by providing proper pathways between your brains synapsis providing proper electrical conduit.

    Other issues that could be affecting you may be that you are bipolar. This is another ailment that can be stabilized by taking the proper medication.

    You need to visit your doctor. You may then be referred to counseling, but you may be able to find support group in Vancouver independently. It's hard for anyone from outside the Vancouver area to provide you with names and numbers.

    As far as on-line counselling goes -- I wouldn't recommend it. You have no way of knowing whether the people you are chatting with is certified in any manner to assist you and in fact could do you more harm than good.

    Please see your own doctor as a first, then ask where you can go for help.
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    • If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Nothing is ever free. There is always a catch. Think about it, why would a clinician take on the liability of counselling somebody with no payment.
      Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose - Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster (sung by Janis Joplin)


      • Originally posted by DreamP346 View Post
        If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Nothing is ever free. There is always a catch. Think about it, why would a clinician take on the liability of counselling somebody with no payment.
        Thank for valuable advice...


        • I've used various online counselling services before but it's been paid rather than free, and by providers I could check the qualifications of. I'm not sure of anywhere free that I could recommend where you would find professional help though, hope you can find something. years ago I did find free online counseling which ended up being more destructive than helpful so please be careful


          • There's one free online service for that. It's called 7Cups of Tea. You can chat with trained active listener for free without registration.edit link see rules
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            • They are trained listeners for the most part rather than qualified counselors though; I found it was mostly teenagers or young adults doing the listening which may not be for everyone


              • I am lucky enough to have insurance at the moment, so i was about to see a therapist. Im 25, not sure how old you are but the first steps i took were to check out my university, they offered counseling services I would meet with someone once every 2weeks for a hour and it was free they even had a anxiety group that met once a month. They also offer a local low cost place here (more so geared toward rehab though but they went off your income).. Im a member on the website [] and have found that to help me a lot although just like any other forum u have to be careful what you read. I found their chat room useful though, finding people immediately in my same situation.

                best of luck!
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                • Will! Right now I’m looking consulting for Drug Abuse and Addiction. Can anyone know about in online?

                  Drug abuse and addiction


                  • I'm looking now for a partner to join me for skype group sessions!
                    I visit my local therapist for over 3 months once a week and want to give a try for group meetings, over skype the price is much cheaper, so I want it two times per week. The goup is small

                    my fellow gave me the contact of this therapist, she helped him to overcome the fear of driving with NO medication AT ALL and relationship anxiety, now he found a girlfriend and they are about to marry.

                    I don’t have specific problem, but sometimes it’s difficult in dealing with my life and people around, don’t want to do anything.

                    Is anyone to join me?? Please pm me or drop a mail to vokava*yahoo.com


                    • This website: http://www.hopenetwork.in/online-counseling/ serving the free online counseling service. You can check on this website and I hope you will definitely get healed through this website.


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