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please, please, help

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  • please, please, help

    HI, everybody. Please, help me to understand myself. I can watch porno, when i am alone and it's hard sometimes to stop - i like it.

    But when my man looks at another girl or tried yesterday to watch porno with me and start touching me - i went crazy, i do not want any sex, any touch. Am i jelous?

    I do not know - more angry at myself as i think it's my biggets trouble in relationships. After this i have problem to get naked even when i am alone, i am closing up completely and hate any touch to the point i am scared physicaly hurt another person.i hate myself. It is not his fault.

    Is it in my head? I an trying hard to an analise my past - may be something happened to me, that trigging this effect. I have to go to the same bed with my best friend, with my man, whom i like alot, but to ask him not to get close again? How long he will stand this?

    Please, talk to me, somebody tell me something. I know you are not Samaritans, but, please

    Thank you

  • Hmmm...this sound like perhaps you have a self-esteem issue?

    Maybe, you get upset and don't want to be touched when watching things together because, even subconciously you are comparing yourself to the girls you see, and thinking that maybe your significant other might find these girls on tv more attractive?
    Try not to compare yourself to these girls, I can guarantee you that what you see is not completely real. what these girls are are airbrushed, dyed, heavily makeup coated made up characters.
    Try to see the beauty within yourself.


    • I had a woman that once wrote me with this very same problem...She was just too embarrassed to watch this with her man...She was 49 years old...She talked to a Therapist and he told her to take it slow...She started by watching one with her sister and then was heading to the Therapist office to watch one with him to see how she would react with a man. That is the last I heard from her.

      Personally I thought it was stu**id to watch it with a Therapist who was a male but if I was you I just would not watch it...If it bothers you why upset yourself...I think you have a big shame issue with the human body and this could cause this....Do other things that are not stressful and relax...Take care, Caroline


      • GRR

        Yeah. I do not like it when my guy look sat porn either. And I don’t have a self esteem issue I know that and so does he, and how is it suppose to make me feel. You know when he met me I was 115 now I’m 140, and like I look good sure. I don’t know. But you know he hides the porn when I come into a room and stuff he will close the window on the computer, and one time. I told him I was going take a shower then I got side tracked and he was like
        “Why aren’t you showering?
        And I was like “why do you care?”, when I came back he went into the bedroom and told me to “come here”, I told him “just a second” and I wanted to know why he wanted me out… so I checked the computer’s history because I had a felling he had been up to something and he was looking at porn, it was Lindsey Lohan and I had a DVD with her on the cover on the computer desk. Then he was all horny and ready to go when I went into the bedroom just moments later. I was all ed off, did not say anything and just went to bed, but like I am I not good enough anymore, can you not think of me.
        And it’s not like we have sex all the time, and he’s this total horn dog, like I want to have sex all the time, and we do it like one a week. Do the time that we do have sex, can he think of me, is that asking too much.
        Then sometime around then (this was a few weeks ago) we were drinking at my friend’s house with a group of people and he was drinking. And told me he wanted to talk to me. I thought Ok and I really wanted to know what was up. He said he wanted to have a “different type of fun tonight” and I was all confused. In short, he wanted to a threesome with one of m best friend’s who has a boyfriend, who’s like not ****y you know. He said he didn’t; want me to be mad, or be mad in the morning. I was drinking too and said no she wouldn’t do it (and she would not have) and that I wasn’t mad, it’s “every guy’s fantasy.” We have been together 3 years and now we are married. This is a first he has every said something. I’m not completely offended of the completely threesome thing, but as a married person (his idea), I don’t think its right. And How should I feel about this. I haven’t brought this up to him since either.


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