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  • Originally posted by atskitty2 View Post
    I think these days, kids are not being taught to solve a problem on their own. Parents and teachers swoop in and save them. .
    Kitty, that does happen a lot, parents intervene and go overboard

    told our kid again this morn was proud and asked if brave song helped to speak up, it did
    our kid said was afraid to speak up cause 1) didn't want to hurt other kid's feelings
    2) was afraid of what kid would do (keep in mind the other kid has an anger problem and has hit kids in face)


    • amy I think it's sad. I haven't raised my own kids so, I do want to be forthcoming and honest about that, since you're fairly new and may not know that.

      I can only comment on observation and experience with my students and nephews and nieces, friend's kids.

      Interesting how other cultures manage these social situations. Still's story is much like the way we dealt with things growing up, and the way I hear so many of my international students tell their stories.

      It seems like you're doing the best you can to support your child and possibly help this lost soul of a bully in the process.


      • there's a lot of disruptive kids in class this year, compared to other years


        • after talking with another parent, it seems we made mistake by not saying something right at beginning of year
          but according to our kid, things were ok soon after beg of school year.......until they weren't recently

          thanks miahere for your input and others as well!


          • Hey amy40 , I could tell you of whatever minimal experience I have with this when I was schooling,
            You must be knowing my situation... And due to that nobody really bullied me openly and it was never physical, in the smaller years there was this one boy who really picked on me but usually he was quiet while the teachers were there, otherwise it was all just verbal, he was joined by his idiot followers who laughed at his dumb jokes, but as everybody got older it was mostly the girls who were just verbally sort of bullying me, the boys got more and more mature about my situation as opposed to the girls despite the belief that girls mature faster. I used to always just let them know of how hurt I was by what they said and they probably felt really guilty and embarrassed, that always seemed to work temporarily. Of coarse with boys I don't know much, they can physically try to bully which maybe getting out of hand. Lots of people think talking to your bully doesn't work but it does, as long as you talk to them alone without their crowd of followers,

            Eventually I got to hear in later years that boy didn't have a very healthy household. So there must be some frustration held in there, while it's wrong to put it on others it's still a problem.

            When I made a few friends a lot of that attention left me because it was harder for people to bully a group of people despite what the movies tell you

            I hope you find some solution to this, but I think the only way to deal with it is to speak to the bully, punishing a bully usually just makes them more angry and possibly vengeful.
            Last edited by miahere; 02-20-2017, 04:56 AM.


            • My son was in a similar situation last year. I do this meditation called Kelee meditation and it has you go within. I started to teach it to my son. It grounded him in himself. Thereby improving his mental strength. In my experience bullies don't like to be seen. So I had him work on saying something out loud when he was being bullied drawing attention to the bully, or just giving the bully a look when it occurs. Both have helped.


              • Deleted


                • Excellent post, Loric2014. A well said comment.


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