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Homeopathic recipes for Euphoria or Relaxation

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  • Homeopathic recipes for Euphoria or Relaxation

    I know for a fact that Lavender relaxes me, and mixed with other scents I feel it's worth of it's reputation, even Johnson & Johnson now make a Lavendar Baby Bath product, DUH! What I am curious about is the mood enhancing recipes you ingest, such as this recipe of ACV, baking soda and cayenne, mixed in hot water, and you drink it to get a mild euphoria, which might be what I need if I stop drinking so much coffee, and less beer in the evening, hehe I would rather do something that is not going to crash me later in the day, or make me sleepy too early at night, and I still want that feeling.
    I eat well, no-to-low carbs, no sugar, no soda, lots of veggies, healthy lifestyle, exercise, take supplements and homeopathic Rx for my estrogen (another long story but it's a great thing for me, so far!)
    Any thoughts on this?
    Have you tried it or have a recipe to share?
    If any interest I'll share the measurements of this one but as I have not tried it yet I don't want to mislead anyone.

  • Ok couldn't resist, tried this - went to the store near work, figured if this isn't worth it i use all this at home, not so much 'euphoric' but i did feel my pulse quicken and my eyes opened up and i felt awake which is sometimes hard in the afternoons here in the office. So I would say either a first morning thing or afternoon pick me up!
    Going to cut down the coffee to one mug and then maybe do this as soon as I reach the office. I'll probably drink more tea but this is supposed to also be good for weight management and gut issues, which I want to improve. So here it is:

    2T apple cider vinegar
    1/2 t baking soda
    pinch of cayenne
    8oz hot water

    Mix and sip, when it cools more I gulped it not so bad, but don't inhale as you drink! At first the vinegar may smell overwhelming!
    Not bad, tastes more like tea when your tastebuds accept it.


    • When I make juices with mustard greens my wife says it has the same effect on her as morning coffee. Ginger intensifies the effect. It's like drinking lightning.
      "Those sowing seed with tears
      Will reap with a joyful shout." - Psalm 126


      • I drink ACV every day for the probiotics (unfiltered, organic), mixed in some tart cherry or pomegranate juice.

        I cannot even imagine the sourness of this drink you suggest. I suppose the cayenne helps distract the taste buds tho. My jaws are aching at the thought of it.

        I may have to give it a try.

        If you're looking to get off coffee, I've read a lot that says plain water first thing in the morning will give us the same effect, just chugging a large glass of room temperature water. I have found it to be true for my afternoon cup of coffee, but I do still need my morning cup.


        • I was able to limit myself to one mug of coffee this morning, and on my 30 min commute, a large tumbler of iced tea (always unsweet) and I'm doing okay, thought I'd feel like I need the coffee, but maybe not so. One year for lent I gave up coffee and that was stressful for a while, went right back to it later though, and now I am thinking... hmmm Maybe not a bad idea to quit.
          Also cut down on the beers after work, I still have a few but not one after another after another and my husband is always keeping pace so it slowed him down too, I don't think he even noticed!


          • That's great! My goal isnt to give up coffee completely, just keep it to a minimum.

            Good to decrease the beer too. I have found a single glass of wine, if savored slowly, will satisfy me the same, as a couple cocktails if I'm in the mood for alcohol. Never been a beer girl, but I love good vodka.


            • just started drinking coffee again and rebought the 4 cup coffee maker we threw out years ago. However, I still mostly drink decaf green tea. Love the warm drinks. I do drink with a straw, though, to try to keep the stain off my teeth as much as possible.
              And some dark chocolate (more antioxidants) to go with my hot drinks. Yum


              • I do love my morning coffee. I use a cafeterie to brew my coffee. I also love drinking tea. The great thing about tea is it is so versatile: you can have it green, fruit, de-caffinated, peppermint [to soothe the stomach] and so on. However, I just stick to regular tea. Still, there are other options and they're all healthy [as long as you don't add sugar].


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