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Postnatal Depression

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  • Postnatal Depression

    I posted yesterday mentioning postnatal depression (PND) because not many people I have seen or know of talk about it, and I would really love to meet and talk with people who have suffered or know someone suffering. I've just recently had my second child, a baby girl and this is the first time I've ever had PND. I have had depression before though and suffer from chronic anxiety. I've been surfing the internet for more info or interesting articles and I found a few that were helpful and interesting, such as on the mind site and another called prams dot net. I just wanted to spread the word across because I think it's a real shame no one talks about these things more regularly. WHat are your thoughts? Does anyone else here suffer from PND?
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  • Ahhh, okay. I have never heard it called that. I have only heard it called PPD (postpartum depression). I have a few friends who have suffered from this, in varying degrees. Some just had the "baby blues" so to speak, and others were more intensely depressed. I even know a woman from my hometown who because extremely suicidal after her third baby and remained that way even over a year after his birth. Eventually, she jumped off of a bridge to her death. It is SERIOUS. I think doctors and birthing centers need to spend more time focused on post natal issues, where currently most are focused mainly on things during the pregnancy and at birth.

    Have you even tried natural products like SAMe?
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    • I'm sorry to hear that Beautiful Disaster. That is a tragedy. Postnatal Depression should never be brushed underneath the carpet: it should be obvious it is serious. A good doctor will help a woman with PND, so if you're ignored, see a competent doctor. You don't want to deteriorate. Do also remember it is nothing to be ashamed of and you're not alone. Good luck.


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