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Treatment for Perimenopause Anxiety?

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  • Treatment for Perimenopause Anxiety?

    Hello guys, What to do about perimenopause symptoms. Several treatments have been studied for managing perimenopausal symptoms. I am confuse, Please help me and give me some tips about it.

  • Hello HeyPerry!
    Is anxiety the only symptom you're having? Is this anxiety new for you, and has this been diagnosed as related to perimenopause or could there be another reason for it?


    • I’ve read that anxiety can worsen during perimenopause because of the hormonal fluctuations that occur. I think the best thing to do might be to talk to your doctor, especially if you’re considering taking anything over the counter.

      My mom used prescribed estrogen patches for a number of years, as she was dealing with surgical menopause and working full time in a school setting. When she weaned off of the patch years later, she used an over the counter supplement (I’m blanking on the name of it now) that helped to take the edge off. I looked it up for myself a while back, but decided against it because I have other health issues that it could potentially affect and it made me nervous to just start taking something like that.

      My own symptoms haven’t gotten too bothersome (yet) but if they reach a point where I feel like I really need to do something, I’ll schedule an appointment with my GP. In my case, I’m mostly dealing with heart flutters, hot flashes, and night sweats so far and it’s manageable enough.

      Because perimenopause can last for many years, it might be worth a visit to your doctor so he or she can advise the best course of action. If they suggest an over-the-counter supplement or treatment, they’ll be able to do so knowing your full medical history and how you may react to it.


      • I second Alison H.'s post.

        I'm afraid I know very little about Perimenopause anxiety, but Alison's post makes sense. I do hope you find the answers you need.

        Again, I know very little about the medical condition, but others on here will advise you.


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