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HELP ME- panic attacks.

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  • HELP ME- panic attacks.

    Hey everyone

    I need some advice! First off, I'll tell you all that I have always had panic attacks, but they're beginning to get worse, and are starting to take over my life.
    I have a VERY stressful life...
    My oldest sister is PSYCHO,(She tried to kick the out of me for not making enough perogies)(she also used to be a meth addict) and got a bad case of road rage on a man the other day (Just keep reading, and you'll understand why this is in this post)

    Welll, turns out the man she cut off and gave the finger to is on the fire dept. MY dad is a firefighter, so he heard about it. For a living, my dad saves people (which worries me sick.). He told my mom to tell my oldest sister (my sister hates my dad) to slow down because he doesnt want those kids hurt. My sister went off...
    and POOF...panic attack. And not JUST a panic attack...it was a monster!
    I began shaking, and I couldnt breathe, and then I got dizzy...so I sat down, then I felt like I was going to fall over, so I laid down...and began thinking I was going to die...
    lately what brings me out of the panic attacks is my dog. I bury my face into her body, and listen to her breathe, and she licks my arm...but I cant take her everywhere I go, and she's 8...her time on this planet is almost up. She's also epileptic, so Im there for her when she has a seizure...its kind of an "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" thing. (I swear, my dog is part Human)
    THIS ONE was SO bad, I cant remember things. When Im talking, I forget what I was saying, and I forget what I was doing...and I also now have a huge headache.

    IS that normal?

    Another thing that is causing these panic attacks is the fact that my older sister's kids want me to adopt them...one is 10, and the other is 6.
    IM FREAKING 19...Im too young to have kids...but it is my duty (I think this is why God put me on the earth) to watch over those kids. I am their Hero. They sometimes have a freudian slip...and call me mom.

    it seems that these panic attacks are getting worse and worse...to the point of me bawling, and thinking I'll die.
    I no longer sleep, even when I TAKE sleeping pills, and I feel sick all of the time now.
    Any ideas on how to help this?
    The children almost broken by the world become the adults most likely to change it

  • I've read your other posts/threads.

    It would be easier to say, mind over matter hey?

    It would be normal to say keep getting assistance on the attacks, you are.

    One thing i noticed, was this.

    You are happy, calm when looking after those children, they love you and you them.

    You are happy, calm when you have love from your dog and listen to it breathe whilst it loves you back.

    I can therefore, only advise this.

    Surround yourself with more love. You can't love those children and not see your sister.

    You can't fight the world it is in a place of its own.

    Do some volunteer work for Salvation Army something simular, instead of coming home from work and having that drink, not sleeping.

    Volunteer with animals, even. Or, both.

    Keep yourself busy with things that involve helping and loving and giving..

    I can only feel that the more you do this, it will occupy 70% of your life, instead of 20% and consequently, the negatives will outway the possitives.

    What do you think?



    • Go to a counselor and get medication. It's nothing shameful. It's not your fault you're having panic attacks, but they aren't normal per se.
      You should be taken to the hospital when those serious panic attacks happen, because they are just that ... SERIOUS. Don't try to deal with them yourself; you'll end up agoraphobic.
      Good luck.
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      • Just a note.

        I actually recalled another person, not yourself, regarding reading your posts/threads and she was seeking councelling and assistance for a simular thing.

        Usually, my memory is great... not today... obviously..

        I pointed out the animals etc, though as you clearly stated it assists you be calm....

        But, Little's advise is spot on...



        • well,
          On Monday I have a doctors appointment.
          If I have another, I think Im going to go to the Hospital.
          I was researching agoraphobia- and I think Im already there.
          Im very afraid to go out...anywhere!!!!!
          I barely leave my house.
          The last time I went out was 8 MONTHS AGO!
          The children almost broken by the world become the adults most likely to change it


          • hi best thing to do is try to deal with what triggers them i know its hard but as you know they do get worse and they do get better i have had panick for 6 yrs i have a fear of going out or staying home alone and it escelated from not dealing with issues like i said its hard you are young and sounds like you got alot of weight on ur shoulders try some counselling or a panick therapy group it may help i wish u luck hope things get better


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