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Has A Religious Or Spiritual Awakening Left You Feeling Lonely?

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  • Has A Religious Or Spiritual Awakening Left You Feeling Lonely?

    A religious or spiritual awakening can be a very profound experience but it can also leave you feeling misunderstood, lonely, and even isolated.

    At the time I had my spiritual awakening, I had no idea what was going on with me. I felt a constant troubling void and like life was suddenly just...meaningless.

    I later realized I had gone through a spiritual awakening. Life was not meaningless, it just had a new meaning that I needed to dig deep to discover.

    Have you ever experienced religious or spiritual loneliness and isolation so profound that it left you questioning the entire meaning of life? This is the place to talk about it!

    I wrote about my personal journey from the depths of desolation to the joy of rediscovering my soul here:


    I would be honored to hear your stories of spiritual or religious loneliness. Are you going through an awakening right now?

    By sharing your own story, you will help to meaningfully connect with others who may be experiencing something similar.

    Editor’s Note: This forum post is part of our ongoing series The Roots Of Loneliness Project: Unearthing Why We Feel Alone, the first-of-its-kind directory that comprehensively explores the phenomenon of loneliness and 80+ types that we might experience over the course of our lives.

    Click the link to find resources and information on virtually any form of loneliness you may be personally experiencing.
    Editor's Note: WHI embraces all religions and feelings of loneliness brought about due to those religions.

    We are currently building out an entire series from the perspective of those feeling lonely due to their current spiritual belief and practices.

    If you do not see a certain religion or spiritual practice discussed here, it is not because it is not being included or being excluded, only that we are in the process of filling out our library to address more practices over time.

    In the meantime, if you are feeling loneliness associated with your own spiritual or religious practice, it is entirely appropriate to talk about it here.

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  • Actually, since losing my best friend - Michael - to dementia, I have felt extremely lost and lonely. It has made me realize I need a partner in my life: someone special. As for my spiritual awakening: I have felt the way you've described, as if stuck in a void, not knowing which direction to go. Because time isn't stopping and people grow, change: and even die. I need to reach a goal: not money or fame, but a feeling of completeness in my soul. I need to find something more profound than simply money or fame or whatever. But I don't know what this is or how to reach it. I need something in myself to change, too, so I can find myself. But the journey of life never stops. And I hope to find something deeper as time moves forward.


    • Dear One, thank you for your post. I am very sorry to hear that you lost your best friend to dementia. That is incredibly hard and a life-changing moment. Allow yourself to grieve and mourn that loss. Allow yourself to go through what this new reality looks like, in all the different waves it sends your way. Allow yourself to resist and deny whatever is hard to accept. Life throws us very hard stuff whenever it wants to. So during this time, don't worry about changing. Change is inevitable. Be present with what is and life will reveal itself to you where you need to go and what you need to do when the time is right. Sending you a big big hug.


      • I can relate to this in that for me the term "spiritual" means something usually totally different than for most people, and therefore, I feel like I can't quite connect with them at times.

        For example, as people are buried in their phones, newsfeeds, social media and even listening to music while in nature (WTF!?), I feel they are missing the forest for the trees and can't relate in many ways...

        I just get an isolated feeling that within our newly layered society, such spiritual practices as meditation, just "being" with your thoughts (and yes even the bad and painful ones!), being in silence, listening to nature and the world around you, etc, is not valued or perhaps has been lost to a lot of people...

        So, on top of not sharing some deeper values with most people I meet, the topic of gratitude and spirituality also presents a challenge and sometimes initiates a feeling of being a bit more isolated in my "weird" way of thinking, despite the fact that it brings be peace and joy.

        Great article!


        • I've been visited by an angel: he said God only wanted to help me. I have never felt such peaceful, healing energy before. It wasn't some trick white light, but an actual angel. I have never felt more at peace than at that moment.


          • I truly believe in angels and God.

            I am by no means a religious nut, but I do hold a candle to God.


            • not a drop at all. I understand that people come and go. And you need to start live without people.


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