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My Passion For Creativity And Art Is Making Me Feel Really Lonely

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  • My Passion For Creativity And Art Is Making Me Feel Really Lonely

    Being an artist for a living can be incredibly rewarding but often not without first working through feelings of creative loneliness and artist stereotypes.

    As an artist myself, I have experienced this firsthand. Since being an artist is my calling, I thought it would be easy to make it into a full-time living. But in reality, I experienced a lot of intense feelings of loneliness and isolation that I wasn't prepared for.

    I wrote this article to share my story with fellow creative's who may be going through something similar. You can read it here:


    As an artist, have you found ways to overcome creative loneliness? Or does loneliness fuel the fire of your creativity? This is the place to talk about it.

    By sharing these stories with each other, we will help others going through this to meaningfully connect and work through their own feelings of loneliness and isolation.
    Editor’s Note: This forum post is part of our ongoing series The Roots Of Loneliness Project: Unearthing Why We Feel Alone, the first-of-its-kind directory that comprehensively explores the phenomenon of loneliness and 80+ types that we might experience over the course of our lives.

    Click the link to find resources and information on virtually any form of loneliness you may be personally experiencing.
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  • I am a poet and a published author. I am an artist in that sense. I also was good at drawing & painting many years ago. I seem to not be so passionate about painting, but I love looking at paintings and other artwork online. I am a total artist.

    I have not made much money BUT that is not the aim or the goal. I just love using my imagination and that is the only reason I have done so much writing. I am a creative soul, rather than in it for the money!

    Anyhow, being creative does stop me feeling lonely. It gets those emotions out and into the open. It is a form of therapy, in a sense. I'd advise anyone write or paint if they're feeling lonely. It really helps the mind deal with upset and loneliness.

    Writing poetry is wonderful and anyone can do it. It doesn't have to be W.B Yeats material: it can just be from the heart. And you don't even need to show anybody: you can keep it for yourself to read. So don't be afraid of getting your emotions and imagination out like that.


    • I think you hit the nail on the head Popcorn&Candy as did Saprina. Creativity is both the cause AND the medicine for loneliness.

      As a highly creative person myself, I use creative expression as a means of healing whatever ails me. But at the same time, I have often experienced feelings of loneliness when those around me don't see things in quite the artistic way that I do, when they don't see the beauty and art in things. Poetry is a great example of that - most of my friends could care less about a poem (unless it rhymes like roses are red, violets are blue!) and so that type of expression is lost on them. That has been difficult for me over the years as someone who values it so deeply.

      Like Saprina mentioned, I have also felt loneliness and grief at times when I had a creative block.
      "Be what you're looking for."


      • This is really interesting! I've started painting within the past two years, and I've always loved writing, and I think loneliness is really common for artists in particular.

        I do think that the idea that artists need to suffer in silence and isolate themselves can be negative in some respects. Vincent van Gogh is commonly used to suggest artists somehow need to feel lonely, sad, etc., to create. Along the lines of what you all said about creativity causing and helping to diminish loneliness, I think many artists probably feel things deeply and are very observant, and that can lead to feeling lonely.


        • I think there is a symmetry to be achieved between “needing” to feel lonely or sad in order to create art, and not being so lonely or sad that one can’t create it. It’s a delicate, delicate balance.

          I think the best art (or writing) comes from intense emotion, whether that’s joy, pain, or even loneliness. And that’s not necessarily bad, but it does perpetuate a stereotype that artists are lonely or drowning in ennui at all times.

          We’re really not. The times when I’ve been at my saddest, I was unable to create anything. It wasn’t until that feeling subsided that I could channel it for anything useful.

          For artists who need to be alone to create, to get themselves into that “zone,” a little bit of loneliness might not be a bad thing. Again, though, there needs to be a balance. You can’t have darkness without the light, and vice versa.


          • I am glad so many people are finding art an outlet for troubles and problems in their lives. Whether writing or painting - or both - heal the spirit. And - as I've said in a previous post - art doesn't have to be on the professional level, but can be done for sheer enjoyment and therapy. I am by no means an expert at painting or writing but it is something I enjoy doing.

            I would advise anyone get creative. You can even be creative by arranging a flower bouquet or doing graphic design or by gardening or sewing. Making clothes is a wonderful outlet, too. If you enjoy it, do it!

            Plus, in this lockdown, we need to occupy ourselves and any creative activity will help.


            • Not sure how I missed this thread.

              I have a creative side, and it's been buried for many years. I won an award for an essay I wrote back in college, and the core of that paper was written about something that was intensely personal, and I'd holed up in my apartment one weekend, and poured my heartaches, and my soul into this paper. It was a healing process, with tears, and I can clearly remember where I was in that space. I still remember my teacher keeping me after class, and her words to me about the paper, and my writing.

              It finally dawned on me just recently, that THAT is why I can no longer write, or invest in creative writing or other endeavors. It's just exhausting, and takes me to sometimes such a dark place. It's healing, but it hurts so much to push through that creative process. I am one of those people that needs to isolate, and really let the creative juices wash over me. Whether it's been in writing, or something like a scrapbook, I need to truly express my senses in that moment. It's overwhelming.
              I have ideas of things I long to write about, but, I simply cannot do it.

              I don't have the time, or the energy to allow that process. It's such an intense time for me. Kudos to those that can!


              • before parenthood, I took flower arranging, drawing, watercolor, and writing classes
                been in a women's writing group & do scrapbooking

                when child was young, we did painting & crafts and now do journal books together
                one is writing & another one is drawing answers

                I allowed child to write in pencil on one wall in spare room - we both write on it actually, lol


                • Originally posted by amy40 View Post
                  I allowed child to write in pencil on one wall in spare room - we both write on it actually, lol
                  I love that idea. Mine are far too old for that now (although one could argue you're never to old to write on walls) but it's a sweet way to enable their creativity and make their space their own.


                  • I've always been artistic: and always will be. I was always good at art, although I never excelled in painting. But I use my artistic imagination to write poems. My favourite poem of mine is "Paint Me The Colours Of The Rainbow". I love paints and rainbows and all that gubbins. Gorgeous paints and textures have always appealed.

                    Even if I became a parent I would never stop my artistic recreations. It seems a shame to give up such practices for being too busy. Yes: children are hard work, but if you make time for yourself you can still enjoy all those recreational hobbies you had before.

                    I do actually also enjoy flower arranging, by the way: my sister brought me into it. I love interior design. I love graphic design. I love writing poetry. I am good at drawing & painting. I also love, love, LOVE books. It is all good!


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