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isolated as a family

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  • isolated as a family

    husband, preteen, and I have been isolated from others for weeks now

    at a loss for how to fill that "peer" need for preteen
    summer classes that preteen looks forward to are also cancelled

    things are worse, dog died

  • I am so sorry your dog died, amy40. Losing a pet is painful and very upsetting. And having summer classes cancelled is awful, too.

    Being isolated is AWFUL: so I feel your pain. I hate being alone all the time and am missing my normal routine. And with so many people dying, it is just getting worse and worse. I want this coronavirus gone and to never come back. I think everyone feels the same, too.

    Try to be strong and get through this nightmare time. You're not alone in your isolation and loneliness. Everyone knows how you're feeling and how your family is feeling. Again, I am sad for the loss of your dog. You must be devastated.

    But take care and keep posting on here: it'll ease your loneliness somewhat. And the world WILL get through this. So you and your family will, too.


    • That’s terrible, amy40. I’m so sorry for your loss.

      It is hard living in isolation. I had a conversation about it with my youngest earlier today because she’s having a hard time missing out on the last weeks of school, which are usually fun and easy. I think this is going to be our new “norm” for some time to come. BUT, humans were designed to adapt – it’s how we’ve survived for thousands of years, and it’s how we’ll push forward through this mess. We do it because we have to.

      It’s incredibly important, I think, to remember the GOOD when things are challenging like they are now. Even if it’s just something as simple as being thankful for a hot cup of coffee in the morning, or being thankful for a sunny day. (Which, I say that living in a place that’s cloudy more than it is sunny, but still.)

      Self-care is important, as well. I have a friend who, every day, posts about good things from that day – she took a shower and put on a pretty dress for the heck of it, or ate a delicious dinner, or watched a good movie. All those little things that used to be “routine” things we did before can be a source of normalcy and a vital part of self-care.

      It is hard keeping preteens/teens occupied. Both of my daughters are teenagers (one is graduating and the other is ending her freshman year). They’ve been filling their social lives largely online – chats, FaceTime, social media activity – and I think it’s helping. It was MUCH harder in the beginning, especially for my youngest, but she’s acclimated to it for the most part.

      There ARE a lot of interesting things to do online, though!! I can’t post links, but my husband told me that the Mutter Museum in Philly is offering a virtual video tour – FREE!! A lot of other museums and places are doing this as well (even the Winchester House in San Jose), and it may offer a way for your preteen to take part in educational things from home.

      It’s not the same as attending actual summer classes, but it may be a way that your preteen (and even all of you together as a family) can take part in interesting activities while stuck in isolation.


      • Popcorn&CandyAlison H.
        thank you both!

        our preteen was taking dog on daily walks & showing her to classmates during google chat school sessions
        so glad they had extra time together since being on remote learning

        thanks for the ideas Alison...we do have links from our zoo, library, local museums, etc

        not being able to play with neighbor friends is what's tough esp. now that weather is nice
        playing games with parents not the same


        • So sorry your family has lost the dog. Such a terrible time.

          I have been enjoying watching the neighborhood kids play the last few weeks. They have made up games to play together across the street, and I see them racing each other and doing some other weird little kid things that are probably great fun for them, and good for their minds as they're using their imagination. I think they're making the most of it, just like the rest of us.


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