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Im worried and i dont know what to do :(

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  • Im worried and i dont know what to do :(

    My mom is bringing me to the docter to check for cancer down there soon :/
    What are they going to do? Im scared and worried.
    Also i have hair down there. How do i deal with it?
    I'm to scared to ask my mom.
    When i told her i started my period a few days ago i was embarassed.
    I'm not able to talk to her that easily.
    By the way im 13 years old.

  • You'll barely feel it. don't worry, just keep talking to the doctor the entire time. Keep asking questions no matter how foolish they seem. Before you know it. It'll be over.
    :D"I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me!!!":D


    • Thanks !! That means allot.


      • LittleMiss - Are you going in for possible cancer, or going in for a routine exam and cancer screening? Are you going to be going to a gynecologist or a regular doctor?

        Hair down there just means you're growing into a woman, not a little girl anymore. Think about it, doctors have seen every "private area" possible to see. Hairy, shaved, designs shaved into the hair, piercings, old, young, overweight, underweight, etc etc etc. There's not going to be anything about yours that shocks them.

        Don't be embarassed about your period. It's part of being a woman. It's what sets you apart from men. You have this amazing cycle that happens every month that some day when you're an adult and ready, will allow you to grow a baby inside of you. Think about how awesome your body must be to be able to do that? Be proud of womanhood. It's an awesome thing to be a woman. Talk to your mom, she's been through everything like that you're going through.
        "Be what you're looking for."


        • Don't worry,
          just keep talking to the doctor the entire time.


          • I don't understand why you'd be going in for a cancer screening at 13 just because you started your period. There's no need to do that unless you've been sexually active or you have an actual symptom that would concern you. Seriously, what doctor would do a pap test on a 13 year old virgin?


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