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  • Not many options =(

    hello, my name is Jennifer, i have stomache cancer(stage 1), type 1 diabetese (insulin dependant), chronic pancreantitus, gastroperesis, gastritus, crohns, and P.C.O.S. Im aslo only 22 years old. Im in the hospital almost everyday of my lilfe, i dont have much of a social life either..I do have my mom though who has been with me through everything, I feel very bad about that though, my illnesses ruining her life as well. Iv tryed a lot of diferent treatments and seen a lot of diferent specialists and doctors, they all say the cant do much for me, and money is limited, my insurance dosnt cover much and the advanced prodedures i need can only be done at cleveland clinic hospital in ohio, last procedure i got there i still owe over 2 grand on and it didnt even work =( plus not to mention my moms broke and cant keep up on bills, and i cant work so i cant even help out..things are very tough for us. not to mention i just got robbed of over $400.00 trying to make a first payment on buying a car, iv saved all the money iv gotten for a very long time, it wasnt much, but i just wanted to buy a cheap car so i could take some of the pressure off my mom for having to drive me hours away for my doctor appointments..people are very cruel iv found..and human kindness is no longer genuine iv found. I'v never robbed anyone, I'v never hurt anyone intentionally, I actually care about people, I may get burned a lot but at least im a good decent person, which is more then i can say for every single person iv ever met. So, when i first got sick with most of this, i turned to buddhism, the religion and meditation is all i can really rely on to help the pain and stress. Also I cant eat a lot of foods, my diet pretty much contradicts itself, ive tryed many diferent things and some work and some dont, if anyone has some of these problems and has some suggestions im all ears, by this point i am open to any advice anyone has to offer.
    Also Im open (edit)anyone whos kind enough to care, I'm just very in need and at my witsends, i hope my story helps those to appretiate life a little more. If anyone has any questions about me or want to more know, just ask. (edit)i could really use some help...
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  • I'm so sorry to hear about this all. I can't imagine what it would be like to go through that. While I can't offer help financially, there has to be resources in your area that can help you out. What about fundraising? Or can you connect with a social worker and get help with social assistance?


    • Sometimes when so much is happening to us in life, it can be over-whelming.

      It's lovely that you worry about your Mother but she understands I am sure.

      Here in Australia, we would approach a TV show and ask that they broadcast our story and ask for donation that way. They confirm everything and run it and I think that would be a good thing for you to do, but agree with ilove, that if you could also maybe start a fundraiser, sponsorship of walking or something, are you on facebook? Then that could be the key to the story for you to get some coverage.


      • What sort of diet are you on?


        • I am so sorry for all the trouble you're going thru.
          While, I may not be able to help you out financiall, I hope my reply could help a little bit.
          My aunt has colon cancer stage 2. She was diagnosed a few months before Christmas and immediately, I did my research.
          From what I read, antioxidants is what I mostly read about.
          Fruits and vegetables as many foods may contains "chemical reactions" once inside the body.
          From what I read, antioxidants starve the cancel cells so they don't spread more cancer cells. So foods with high anti-oxidants are helpful.
          Try eating organic foods cause they would contain more compared to regular ones.
          I'm not sure about mix or packets. I mean even if it says on the packets, doesn't mean that it will have a lot of the nutrients it says. So stick to actual fruits and vegetables.

          I hope this helped even a little.
          Good luck.


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